Effective and efficient window screens for your all house protection requirements

June 26, 2017

For several years, Heanjia has been developing professional insect screens with the highest standards of quality and utility. Virtually invisible and effective, our complete solutions integrate in your living environment. Insect screens should be unobstrusive should not dominate your living style. So we offer a great importance to an...

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Applications of advanced mesh materials

June 16, 2017

High service mesh elements are used when the operation temperature limits increases beyond the capacity level of conventional filters and where an alternative media is required. Our mesh elements are highly resistant to a wide range of chemical media at high temperatures even also to sulfuric acid and nitric...

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Mesh Elements – Central part of Chemical filter systems

June 3, 2017

A filter element is the core of industrial filters. The complete filtration process is performed in the filter element. The filter elements and filter media utilized in the filter elements describe the key characteristics of filter for example holding capacity, contamination retention and pressure drop. Heanjia sintered mesh filter...

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Sintered mesh screens for demanding industrial applications

May 14, 2017

Challenging industrial processes and demanding standards ask for high purity levels in fluids that are the key of process. Wide care and knowledge are needed on filter element, housing, gaskets considering the construction materials, pressure drops, and compatibility to fluids in application. Whether for production of antibiotics, aseptic food...

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Filter element application based Mesh screens

April 27, 2017

Mesh filter screens become the need when reliability and continuously good performance to a filtration process are required. This has been said by users of all industries where filtration has a crucial role in process. Over the years, Heanjia has been the leading manufacturer and supplier high quality mesh...

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Why choose an window Insect screen for your place

April 21, 2017

Stainless steel insect screens are widely used at homes or commercial sites as a barrier against the movement of insects in or out of the controlled space. These screens are used as biosecurity measure in areas that need physical containment or barrier protection from insects. Common applications include quarantine...

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Wire Mesh Screens Materials for industrial applications

April 14, 2017

Heanjia has been involved in the production and supply of woven wire screens in Chinese and international market since 1984. Woven wire screens are constructed from different types of material and in sizes. Non-Ferrous Metal– Nickel, Monel, Copper, Aluminum Special Materials- Hastelloy, Titanium Stainless steel– NiCrMo steel, chromium steel,...

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Exotic and innovative mesh materials for building architecture

March 24, 2017

Heanjia’s architectural Metal meshes offer functional solutions to the complicated designs while meet architect’s design. The mesh surfaces offer a look of fine shroud surrounding and create a look of structure behind. Individual patterns can be restated to meet all needs. Our architectural meshes can be used to widely...

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