Kanthal Wire Mesh

Kanthal Wire Mesh Heater

Key Features:

1. Cost and weight savvy material than Nickel-Chrome alloys

2. Greater electric resistance hence higher heat production than Nichrome

3. Excellent oxidation resistance

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Product Description:

Kanthal Wire Mesh Heater is made of Kanthal Wire (Kanthal D, Kanthal A-1 or Kanthal APM).  It has great resistance to high temperature and corrosive environments. Kanthal Mesh Heater has good resistance to oxidation and sulfur induced corrosion.

Kanthal Wire Mesh Heater Properties

Melting Point 1500oC
Highest service temperature 1400oC
Magnetic properties Magnetic up to 600oC

Kanthal is a widely known heating material for its exceptional electric resistance properties. It is basically an iron-chromium-aluminum alloy that is used for electrical resistance heating elements and similar applications. It is advantageous for higher temperature application, long service life, greater resistivity and outstanding corrosion resistance.