Catalyst support screens-Heanjia Super Metals

Catalyst Support Screens

Key Features:

1. Accurately welded for the highest strength and longevity

2. Prevent buckling and damage

3. High performance alloys construction

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Product Description:

Catalyst support Screens are flat screens for supporting the catalyst media. We produce a range of catalyst support screens for the petrochemical and refining units. The mesh support screens have largerĀ open area and more accurate holes than perforated sheets or wedge wire screens, providing very high efficiency.

We can produce support screens in the variety of materials, sizes, shapes and to specific dimensions of your application requirement. We can also produce support grids as a single form or multiple-piece fitting.

Catalyst Support Screen Properties

  1. Supports catalyst media with firm and strong screens
  2. Exceptional rigidity and flatness
  3. Precision welded for the highest strength and long life
  4. Buckle free
  5. Deformation resistant under the largest loads
  6. Uniform slot design prevents plugging

Catalyst support screen advantages

  1. Cut to size mesh for man-way holes
  2. Sewed or welded seams
  3. Custom patterns to meet specific needs
  4. Opening size varieties from 0.5 inch to 5 microns
  5. Broad range of construction metals and alloys such as Nickel, Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy and others.

Best quality industrial heavy duty catalyst support screening solutions

We can produce catalyst support screens to meet your exact specifications including material, size and shape. The customized weaves and meshes are offered upon order. Our engineers help you in designing the catalyst support screen that is suitable for your application requirements and is economical.