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Nichrome Mesh

Key Features:

1. Heavy duty mesh

2. Outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance

3. Service temperatures vary up to 1250oC

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Nichrome Mesh is made of Nichrome grades -Nichrome 80 and Nichrome 60. It has wide applications in heat treatment and other high temperature environments providing outstanding performance at the variable temperatures up to 1250oC. Upon exposure to air, it produces an adherent oxide layer that prevents oxidation of the beneath metal.

Nichrome mesh is used as filters, support screens and in production of conveyor belts for service at the high temperatures. Commonly used grades for Nichrome mesh are:

Nichrome 80 or Ni80Cr20 is a broadly used heating element in the domestic and industrial heating applications. It offers application temperature  up to 1200oC.

Nichrome 60 or Ni60Cr15 has higher value of electric resistivity than Nichrome 80. It is recommended for use at the moderate temperatures up to 1700oF.

Nichrome mesh has excellent deformation resistance, good ductility and corrosion resistance properties that make it a dominating choice for the elevated temperature applications.

Nichrome Mesh Applications

  1. Catalyst
  2. Support for Heaters
  3. Furnace filters
  4. Air filters in heating systems

Why our Nichrome mesh?

Nichrome mesh is a durable material that withstands repeated stresses, vibration, chafing, corrosion and fluctuated temperatures. It is flexible in both directions to fit in irregular surfaces. Nichrome mesh is an ultimate choice for various heating applications. It is produced into standard sizes, offering medium watt density heater with incomparable versatility. It offers excellent strength and heating resistance. The Nichrome heating mesh is widely used in hot gas filtration, heating of tanks, vessels and cones.

Nichrome mesh is crucial for its several advantages including deformation ability, thermal stability, mechanical strength, shockproof performance in the hot state and oxidation resistance. While heating, Nichrome mesh resistance conveyor belt shows stable performance in air.  It is suitable for heat processing, air-carbon furnace, chemical plants, machinery and metallurgy.

Undoubtedly Nichrome has proven its performance as a stable material for heating element. Our excellent quality of metal mesh assures complete client’s repeatability of certain ohmic values.

We have earned profound experience in manufacturing high quality special metal mesh products basing on customer’s requirements in the past 30 years. Our experience can help our customers select the right material and manufacture the mesh with proper solutions.  The wide range of further manufacturing services give our customers a one stop sourcing experience. Contact us for Nichrome woven mesh in the various wire diameters that are woven into continuous lengths and rolled for delivery.

Heanjia Nickel Wire Mesh offers all above forms of Nichrome Wire Mesh in all standard as well as more related products like Monel Mesh Offering High temperature strength