Decorative Wire Mesh and Architectural mesh- Providing safety along with aesthetic look

December 24, 2021

Decorative Wire Mesh- Excellent for decoration and long lasting Panels made of decorative wire mesh are widely used for architecture and interior decoration. Panels are made of environment friendly metals in many styles including screen, sheets, metal curtain, woven mesh, grill etc. This wire mesh has its applications in...

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Incoloy & Monel mesh- Strong, ductile Incoloy & Durable Monel

September 14, 2021

Incoloy mesh- Features, uses and applications Incoloy mesh is useful in aqueous environments as it maintains resistance to corrosion. It also has high resistance to carburization and oxidation in high temperature conditions of up to 1100°F. There is no sensitization and consequent inter-granular corrosion of weld heat affected zones...

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Nichrome & Inconel Wire Mesh: Excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation

June 1, 2021

Nichrome Wire Mesh: Its uses and features Nichrome wire mesh is widely used in various applications such as aerospace industries and chemical industries. Nichrome is known for its excellent ductility due to which it is also used in ship building industries. Its high tensile strength property enables it to...

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Metal Fiber Mats and Fabric: Effective products in burners

May 18, 2021

Metal Fiber Mat: Its properties and uses Metal Fiber Mats are used in several gas combustion applications in homes, industries etc. Metal fiber mat for metal fiber burners have a quality of a fiber and can be formed into the shape of a cone, cylinder or hemisphere. These mats...

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Sintered and Decorative Mesh: Their role in industrial and public sector

May 10, 2021

Sintered Mesh: Its properties and uses Multiple layers of woven wire mesh are bonded together under heat and pressure to form sintered mesh. Sintered mesh is widely used for filtration purpose as it can’t be corroded easily. It has several advantages over other materials such as It can be...

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Rugged woven wire mesh construction for critical filtration applications

October 27, 2020

Heanjia mesh screens set the highest standards for filtrate quality and economical use. These screens provide suitable solutions for industrial applications and are available in a wide range of lengths to retrofit commonly used filter structures. Our extensive range of products is offered in woven, depth and perforated media...

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Industrial applications of Precision woven wire mesh screens

September 15, 2020

For wire mesh products and screens, Heanjia is the leading supplier of space cloth, filter cloth and related products. We offer screens in a variety of material grades, crimp styles and meshes. Woven Nichrome mesh is extremely smooth, highly durable to speed up the bolting action and increase the...

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What makes Inconel mesh ideal for varied temperature application conditions

September 9, 2020

Precision woven mesh screens are produced in different types of weaves. Plain square weave is offered for simple sieving processes through various weave patterns such as plain dutch weave, twill and single plain weave etc. Dutch twill weave is offered for the most comprehensive choice of surface filtration applications....

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