Why can monel mesh be a savior for your high temperature applications?

July 16, 2018

Monel mesh If you’re looking for something that exhibits high strength and resistance from corrosion in alkaline, acid and salt water then choosing the right mesh type becomes the priority. We at ABC supply variety of monel mesh as per your specification and requirement. You can use our monel...

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Heavy duty performance strainers for high temperature environments

July 5, 2018

One of the major design factors when choosing a strainer is specifying the perforation or mesh size of the straining element. The straining element refers to screen for strainers and basket for is a mechanical filter that removes and keeps particles large to pass through yet permits the flowing...

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Sintered mesh elements for high temperature and corrosive environmental applications

June 20, 2018

Sintered mesh materials are normally made into tubular shapes preventing the need for a core. Tubular shapes can also be considerd as candles instead cartridges, a single element in the house called a cartridge and a multi-element housing called a candle filter. The mesh elements are sintered to receive...

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Which screens should be used for high level contamination in hydraulic systems

June 12, 2018

Advanced hydraulic systems are sensitive to different types of contamination. If left unfiltered, the contaminants can cause early damage of the internal system and result into fluid leakage in the system. These contaminants also clog the flow paths in the filters. Additionally, water in the system fluid can cause...

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Metal filtration solutions, advantages and applications

May 28, 2018

We are your specialized partner in the development and manufacture of porous metal filtration solutions. Filter media, elements and systems are offered for the industrial liquid processing applications. Get the advantages of sintered mesh metal . Primary applications of sintered mesh metal Chemical and petrochemical Polishing of corrosive liquids...

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Applications of tungsten mesh in heating and electronic equipments

May 18, 2018

Tungsten mesh elements are commonly used for high temperature heating applications. They are popular for providing higher durability than traditional sheet style elements. Tungsten also offers higher watt density than rod style heating elements. Tungsten has the highest service temperature up to 3000oC in an inert condition. It operates...

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How do high performance mesh screens improve the filter efficiency

May 16, 2018

High pressure applications create a vast challenge for air and gas micro-filtration solutions. It is because of the fact that compressed air and gases at service pressures higher than normal create a vigorous environment risk due to the contaminant concentration that is several times higher than that discovered in...

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Application of sintered multilayer mesh screens in advanced filtration systems

May 6, 2018

Sintered multilayer mesh bags are developed for use in high temperature application conditions up to 480oC. A standard multilayer sintered mesh has five layers interconnected through vacuum sintering, compression and rolling to create a porous material. Sintered mesh screens are perfect for use in the challenging industrial applications that...

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