Delivery Issues

How to make delivery, How much money and time does it cost?
To answer this question, we need to discuss the characteristics of the product you want.

1: Wire Mesh, Wire Cloth and welded wire mesh: it is generally manufactured in full, 100FT rolls. Oftentimes, these full rolls are cut down from their 100FT length to smaller, more conveniently sized pieces, which are then re-rolled for shipment. However, in some cases, they may be in big flat sheet, mostly 4FTX10FT.

2: Perforated metal, expanded metal and heavy welded mesh: depending on different specification, they may be in roll or in flat sheet. When they are in roll, they are similar to the wire mesh or wire cloth. When they are in flat sheet, they can be very big and heavy.

Question 1: How will they be packaged?

Rolls: When the mesh is in roll, they will be wrapped with kraft paper first, and then packed with crate or carton depending on their size. In some cases, the mesh needs special protection from damage in transport. In this case, we can seal the roll with plastic film and give solid protection to avoid physical damage.

Flat Sheets: when the mesh is in sheet, we will lay them together, then cover them with hard paperboard or wooden board, then wrap them with plastic wraps, finally fix them on pallet.

Question 2: can I choose the delivery method that I want?
The answer is YES. We will help you choose the fastest but less costing way. We have very good rates with our delivery agency. Depending on the overall size of the roll and/or piece, in addition to its total weight, they can be delivered in following ways:

1: DHL, Fedex, UPS: they are suitable for urgent delivery and small weight products. Normally the delivery only needs less than 7 days from our workshop to your door.

2: Air Freight: It is suitable for urgent delivery and large quantity cargo. Normally the delivery only needs 3 or 4 days to arrive at the destination airport.

3: Sea shipment: It is suitable for large quantity cargo. Normally it needs 30 days to arrive at destination seaport. The delivery cost is very low.

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