Quality Policy

First step-Raw material Quality Control 

In many cases, the raw material quality is the key element that will influence Non-ferrous metal or alloys product’s performance. The best raw materials allow us the best start of manufacturing. From the very beginning of manufacture, we buy our raw material from the best qualified and most powerful raw nickel metal supplier in China to guarantee the raw material’s quality.

Non-ferrous metal or alloy products are often used in extreme environments, such as high corrosively environment, high temperature environment, or environment having the both characteristics. The product’s acid resistance, or alkali resistance, or thermo stability greatly depends on its chemical composition and manufacturing process like solution treatment.

Second Step-Quality casual inspection in and after Manufacture

We pay much attention to management and quality; casual inspection will be taken during and after products¡¯ manufacture. Experienced teams, effective managing system, advanced methods and producing equipment guarantee the stable supply of good and reliable products. As ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer in regard to the manufacturing and processing of wire mesh products, we have adapted a complete and effective quality guarantee system. Every step of the production and the whole processing are under careful control.

Individual quality department and test center was set up in 2008. State testing devices and well-trained staff are in charge of quality control. They have rich experiences and are responsible for the control and test of the whole processing from raw material to semi-finished products to the finished products.

Third Step-Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection will be taken before the products are finished.
As a manufacturer of non-ferrous metal products aimed at exportation, we have committed our quality testing to the most powerful institute for Non-ferrous Metals Analysis and Testing in China since 2005. The institute’s name is: Beijing General Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals Analysis and Testing Institute It is a state-run institute, and the best institute of non-ferrous metals analysis and testing.



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