Incoloy & Monel mesh- Strong, ductile Incoloy & Durable Monel

Incoloy-monel mesh

Incoloy mesh- Features, uses and applications

Incoloy mesh is useful in aqueous environments as it maintains resistance to corrosion. It also has high resistance to carburization and oxidation in high temperature conditions of up to 1100°F. There is no sensitization and consequent inter-granular corrosion of weld heat affected zones due to its low carbon content. Incoloy 800 is preferred for use in flue gas scrubbers due to such properties. This alloy is also used for handling sulfuric and phosphoric acids. Incoloy 800 is an alloy of nickel-iron-chromium that is very strong in the high temperature conditions. It maintains its structure even in high temperature and high pressure conditions. Incoloy mesh is widely used in various applications in industries such as nuclear, food processing, chemical, petroleum etc. Wire mesh of Incoloy is commonly used as

  1. Carburizing equipment
  2. Demister
  3. Heating equipment
  4. Element of filter

Incoloy 800 wire mesh is preferred over other alloys as it offers excellent precision and ductility. It also offers excellent welding performance. Incoloy 800 wire mesh is used in the woven form for various applications. It is woven using various methods such as twill weave, plain weave and dutch weave. It is packed in pallets, wooden boxes, carton etc and wrapped with plastic film or moisture-proof paper. Incoloy 800 woven wire mesh has excellent feature such as

  1. Resistance to stress corrosion cracking
  2. Resistance to alkali corrosion
  3. Excellent welding performance
  4. Excellent ductility
  5. Withstand high pressure and temperature environments

Incoloy 800 woven wire mesh applications are

  1. Nitric and cooler equipment
  2. Oil Industries
  3. Chemical Industries
  4. Food processing industries
  5. Nuclear industries
  6. Sieve equipment
  7. Demister pad

Monel mesh- Strong and durable mesh

Monel mesh is another alloy that has excellent resistance and strength in high temperature conditions. Typical applications of Monel 400 mesh are

  1. Marine industries
  2. Aerospace industries
  3. Power generation industries
  4. Chemical industries

Monel 400 wire mesh is made of nickel and copper alloys offering excellent resistance in various environments and temperatures. It also has excellent welding performance and can be welded easily. Monel 400 wire mesh is useful in numerous applications such as

  1. Filtration
  2. Dyeing
  3. Desalination
  4. Commercial cooking
  5. Boiling
  6. Demistering
  7. Heating
  8. Refining

Monel 400 can be woven in the form of plain square weave wire mesh that has excellent resistance to various environments such as

  1. Steam
  2. Sulfuric acid
  3. Alkali
  4. Static
  5. High temperatures
  6. Sea water
  7. Fluoride
  8. Pressure cracking
  9. Corrosion
  10. Frying oil
  11. Hydrochloric acid
  12. Oxidation
  13. Harsh cleaning solvents
  14. Hydrofluoric acid

Due to above mentioned resistance properties, Monel 400 woven wire mesh is used in various applications such as

  1. Petroleum refining
  2. Electrical engineering
  3. Welding
  4. Waste incineration
  5. Chemical production
  6. Heat exchange

Monel mesh is preferred for various applications due to its excellent mechanical strength and durability. It has excellent filtration performance and is commonly used as window and door screens.

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