How to Order Mesh

Ordering Wire Mesh from us is easy. The following is a guideline. If you don’t know the mesh specification exactly, just need to call us or send email. We are all person to person service.

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How many rolls or pieces do you need?
Wire mesh: a standard roll is 100 lineal feet. When full rolls are shipped from stock, the length is subject to a variation of 5%. However, when you have specific requirement to the length, we will make sure the mesh is a little longer than the demand, never shorter. The longer part is free. We do this because the whole roll may be wasted when the mesh is just a little shorter than demanded length in many situations. Additionally, we can cut it into size for you.

What is the length and width of each roll or piece. Special widths can be manufactured exactly.


Wire Mesh: Number of openings per lineal inch Or opening size between parallel wires. Wire Diameter is also needed. Type of weave: Plain, Twilled, Plain Dutch, Twilled Dutch, or specify if the material is welded.

Perforated Metal Sheet: hole’s shape, size; distance between holes and arrangement of holes, the sheet’s thickness is also needed.

Expanded Metal Sheet: hole’s size, strand’s width and thickness

4: METAL or ALLOY: Click here to see Descriptions of Commonly Used Alloys. We can manufacture most of the materials.

For example, a customer would place an order for the following:
1 roll 100 ft x 36 inch wide or 1 piece 25 ft x 48 inch wide
4 x 4 mesh ( 4 openings per inch in each direction)
0.047 inch diameter wire
Type 304 Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh
Plain Weave

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