Mesh Cleaning & Passivation

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Product Description:

Wire Mesh Passivation services – Stainless steel is naturally corrosion-resistant. However, during processing, it can lose some of its anti-corrosion properties. Passivation cleans the stainless steel to return it to its natural state and restores the anti-corrosive properties of the steel. We provides passivation services for wire mesh for products that need to be non-corrosive, such as screens and filters that will be exposed to harsh environments.

Wire Mesh Electro-polishing services – Electro-polishing improves the surface finish of the mesh by providing a brighter and cleaner appearance. In addition, it increases the corrosion resistance of the material and makes it easier to clean. Electro-polishing is used for applications that need a clean appearance and that are exposed to harsh environments such as baskets, filters and screens used in food service equipment and architectural mesh.

Cleaning & degreasing services – Our ultrasonic cleaning services provide your wire mesh and welded mesh free of dirt and oil. We can clean the cloth and mesh whether it is delivered in rolls, coils or cut parts. Cleaned mesh is packaged to prevent contamination during transit and warehousing, ensuring the mesh is clean for production.

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