Copper Mesh

We supply copper wire mesh, copper mesh for battery electrode/fuel cell currency collector and copper window screen. We have been a leading manufacturer of copper mesh since 1984.
Copper Mesh includes copper wire mesh, copper expanded metal and copper perforated metal. Copper mesh has industrial applications as Faraday cage, RFI shielding, battery, decorative mesh, filter and sieves.
Copper mesh for battery is expanded copper foil, it is used as a current collector and substrate for coating anode materials in battery and fuel cell. Copper mesh and copper expanded metal foil is 45% less weight than copper solid foil and can accept more electrode materials.
Copper window screen is commonly used as screens to prevent rodents and birds. It is soft and easy to cut and is used in gardens to stop pests.

We produce copper mesh with customized specifications and strict quality control. We continuously endeavor to improve the satisfaction level of our customers.

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