Decorative Wire Mesh and Architectural mesh- Providing safety along with aesthetic look

decorative wire mesh

Decorative Wire Mesh- Excellent for decoration and long lasting

Panels made of decorative wire mesh are widely used for architecture and interior decoration. Panels are made of environment friendly metals in many styles including screen, sheets, metal curtain, woven mesh, grill etc. This wire mesh has its applications in restaurants, hotels, lobbies etc due to its modern look. Metal used for the wire mesh offers durability and corrosion resistance. Most commonly used materials for decorative wire mesh are iron wire, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper.

Stainless steel wire mesh helps in reducing glares and provides protection from UV rays. It also helps in optimization of energy thus saving heating and cooling costs. Decorative Wire Mesh products are recyclable and of excellent quality.

Decorative wire mesh products require less structural support and hence are economical. This wire mesh is versatile and lightweight to fit any architectural design. Decorative wire mesh offers low wind resistance and low maintenance. This wire mesh can be painted in any color and cut into any size for an elegant look. This wire mesh is commonly used for solar shading and is effective in lobbies and interiors due to its strength. This wire mesh is economical, functional and aesthetic. Decorative wire mesh can be used even with movable track or retractable attachment as room dividers. Various applications of decorative wire mesh are textured wire mesh, wire security screens, fabricated wire mesh, infill rail panels, cabinet inserts, wall wire mesh, ceiling wire mesh, wire mesh sun screens, space wire mesh, wire mesh room dividers etc.

Architectural Wire Mesh- Versatile design and beauty

Infill rail panels are widely used as these provide protection in high traffic areas such as schools, entertainment venues, stadiums etc. These also provide transparency along with attractive design when made with versatile and functional architectural wire mesh. High quality metals are used to produce architectural wire mesh of excellent functionality and aesthetic appearance. Architectural wire mesh is used for producing railing infills for various types of residential and commercial projects. Wire mesh also provides safety in the railing infills as it is strong and durable.

Architectural wire mesh is also widely used in automobile industries, historic buildings due to its strength and elegant look. This wire mesh is used in various patterns and densities to suit the environment. A few more applications of architectural wire mesh are water heat cabinets, automotive grilles, ornamental railing etc. Wire mesh is also used in fences and enclosures for places such as pools, rail yards, grounds etc. This wire mesh offers transparency, safety, functionality and an aesthetic appearance. Architectural wire mesh can be converted into various patterns, sizes, scales to produce any architectural design from simple to complex.

Architectural wire mesh is also commonly used in cabinetry such as wooden cabinets to provide elegance to the surroundings. Wire mesh is also used as cladding such as furniture, elevator cabs, lobbies etc. as it adds to the beauty of the surroundings.

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