Nichrome & Inconel Wire Mesh: Excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation


Nichrome Wire Mesh: Its uses and features

Nichrome wire mesh is widely used in various applications such as aerospace industries and chemical industries. Nichrome is known for its excellent ductility due to which it is also used in ship building industries. Its high tensile strength property enables it to be used in military applications. Nichrome is commonly used as a nichrome wire mesh for various other applications such as electrical. A few properties of nichrome that make it useful for a number of applications are

  1. Resistance to oxidation
  2. Resistance to permeability
  3. Excellent elongation
  4. Resistance to sulfur
  5. Excellent tensile strength
  6. Non-magnetic nature

Nichrome woven wire mesh is also used in making medical instruments and apparatus due to the above mentioned properties. Nichrome is widely used in electrical heaters, ovens etc due to its low temperature coefficient of electric resistance. Nichrome can operate in temperatures of up to 1150°C due to which it is preferred for use in heat treatment applications. It is also used for various filtration applications due to its high resistance to corrosion. Nichrome is widely used in the manufacturing of liquid, solid and gas filter screens due to its excellent thermal ability. It is commonly used for sintering applications such as sintering of electronic components. It is used in various types of filtration applications such as air-carbon furnace filtration.

Inconel Wire Mesh: Its nature and wide variety of applications

Inconel wire mesh is another alloy that is widely used due to its excellent corrosion resistance. Inconel, like Nichrome, also has resistance to oxidation and is therefore used in aerospace industries. Inconel wire mesh can be used in temperatures from 0° to 1093° due to its low magnetism. Inconel is also preferred for use in petrochemical industries as it has higher resistance to oxidation in comparison to other alloys such as nickel. A few of its properties that make it useable in a wide range of fields are

  1. High resistance to corrosion
  2. High resistance to oxidation
  3. Excellent welding
  4. Non-magnetic nature
  5. Excellent cold-formed functionality
  6. Resistance to temperature

Inconel is commonly used in hydropower and nuclear power industries due to its excellent mechanical properties. Its high corrosion resistance makes it highly useful for machine manufacturing industries. Inconel is widely used in chemical industries due to its high oxidation resistance. It is also an excellent material for aerospace industries. Inconel is commonly used in oil refining and ship building industries due to its excellent resistance to corrosion. Inconel is packed into various types of packages such as wooden boxes, paper tubes, plastic films and waterproof brown paper. Inconel wire mesh is woven into various shapes and patterns such as Inconel plain weave and twill weave. Inconel has high tensile strength as compared to other materials such as stainless steel. It can provide better performance in high temperature conditions. Inconel is widely used in marine industries due to its excellent corrosion resistance properties. Inconel is also used for filtration and sieve applications due to its resistance to various types of corrosion such as crevice, pitting and inorganic acid.

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