Rugged woven wire mesh construction for critical filtration applications

woven wire mesh

Heanjia mesh screens set the highest standards for filtrate quality and economical use. These screens provide suitable solutions for industrial applications and are available in a wide range of lengths to retrofit commonly used filter structures. Our extensive range of products is offered in woven, depth and perforated media to meet the challenging demands of production. They are backed by in-depth technical support, fast order turnaround and factory trained professionals.

The industrial process filtration serves a large range of applications for example inks, paints, and industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, petrochemical and water treatment. These excellent performing products are backed by expert technical support teams. We offer a wide range of services and solutions to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Our technical support team is dedicated to the needs of industrial filtration users. We have a wide range of state-of-art instrumentation and a highly qualified team of scientists and engineers generating innovative solutions to a diverse variety of filtration needs. We strive to optimize our customers’ filtration applications by offering full technical support. Additionally our R&D teams are constantly working to innovate new products by discovering technologies that will improve the performance of process screens and keep us at the forefront of process filtration industry.

The general grade mesh cartridges are designed for general purpose applications in the filtration of high purity liquids and aqueous chemicals. The high quality screens are designed specifically for demanding chemical filtration applications. Heanjia offers a unique design and rigid construction for superior retention and filter life. The mesh screens resist a wide variety of chemicals. They achieve very high flow rates while maintaining a very low differential pressure. Screens have also been developed to endure longer and offer extremely fast cleanings. Use Hastelloy mesh for high flow, high purity applications.

These filter cartridges feature rugged construction, this provides the highest chemical resistance when dealing with acids, bases and solvents. The screens fit standard filter structures and are available in a variety of filter specifications for maximum versatility. They prove to be an economical alternative for general applications where reliable gas and liquid flow rates. The highly efficient screens are effective for the production of dry gas and will filter aggressive liquids and organic solvents.

The filter mesh screens are manufactured under cleanroom conditions and integrity tested before delivery to assure reliable performance and quality. They provide the eventual performance in economical filtration for even the most critical process fluids. The proprietary melt blown media is reliably controlled for desirable outcomes every time. These screens are produced to potentially filter contaminate fluids. The unique layered mesh screens provide absolute retention with high flow rates and excellent contaminant removal. These features besides to high contaminant holding capacity and outstanding cleaning ability make the woven wire mesh a supreme choice for a large range of critical process applications.

These mesh screens are the perfect choice for several industrial filtration requirements. The cartridges contain premium grade mesh material for critical filtration applications, offering long service life, high flow rate and low pressure drop.

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