Robust Sintered Mesh For Severe Filtration Media

December 17, 2016

Multiple layered mesh layers are made to meet the challenges of modern demanding filtration applications. Modern solutions allow a great range of benefits that usually justify the initial higher price, besides of enhancements in efficiency and durability. With an experience of diverse years, we provide a great selection of...

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Filter disc applications in the worldwide industries

December 9, 2016

Heanjia filters have led the way to the development of regular filters for several industries. Our filters are prominently used in coal mining industry where they are used in coal development circuits to filter the clean coal and discard slurries. The disc filters are made from high quality mesh...

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Challenging Industrial filter Mesh applications

November 11, 2016

Becoming an international supplier of products for filtration and separation applications, our expertise is widened over 32 years. Our mesh products are used in the industrial sectors including: Aerospace Nuclear engineering Energy Chemical Processing Food and cold store Water treatment Medical Porous materials Printing media Our ongoing success is...

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Hot gas filter elements for chemical process

October 29, 2016

The range of gas filtration equipments depends on the specific benefits of sintered porous metal elements. The filter systems are used in elevated temperature and corrosive chemical and petrochemical procedures, for gas-solid filtration of process and gases. The Monel wire mesh filters are a supreme alternative for existing filter...

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High temperature belts for service in the vigorous media

October 24, 2016

Over the decades the plants have been forced to use conveyor belts that are sensitive to damages specially under the high temperature environments. This causes frequent system shutdown, clean-up and high maintenance costs. Overall what we need is the better quality belt. With the research and development processes conducted...

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Monel wire mesh cylinder for oxidizing media

October 12, 2016

Wire mesh is developed as a flattened cylinder of different widths, spacing, wire sizes and metals. The variation is developed by crimping that creates a diagonal corrugation of the controlled depth in the mesh, offering it an added dimension and improving its resilience. The mesh has the benefit over...

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How important is Mesh Strainer Structure and its Types

October 10, 2016

The woven wire mesh cloth should not be associated with perforations that relate to perforated sheet metals. The mesh screens offer smaller size wye pattern strainers and are not fit for heavy duty strainers if not paired with perforated metal screen. The mesh clothes are basically used for ultra...

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Tungsten mesh as the best material for thermal barrier

October 7, 2016

Factors noticed for motor case welds to redesign the Space Shuttle solid rocket motor. The design allows chamber pressure to approach the basic seal. Gas stagnation precluded seal and case damage in the main case. Conservative flow and heat evaluation however described that gas redistribution could cause unwanted heating....

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