Strainer screens for diverse industrial filtering applications

Fecral Mesh Kanthal Mesh

Securing pumps, filters, flowmeters, valves, heat exchangers, condensers, oil burners, boilers and other process system components from damaging pipeline debris is what Heanjia is known to do the best. For over than 50 years, Heanjia has led the development and design to meet the increasing and extreme demands of industries, utilities and municipalities. Offering the largest and largest range of screen designs for strainers, we can offer the quick delivery of simplex, duplex and strainers in metals like carbon steel and stainless steel and in corrosion resistant high alloy grades.

The high quality Inconel mesh screens for strainers are widely used in different industries. For a specific range of size, unusually high pressure or a super alloy, we have the potential to economically fabricate a strainer to exactly meet your demands.

Heanjia maintains quality assurance programs with a dedicated customer service for all industries.

Strainer Applications

Chemicals: There are several areas where the presence of a pipeline strainer offers a cleaner product, protection of equipment and simply separation of solids from liquids. There is rarely a chemical process which cannot be improved  by using a strainer in the pipeline.

Industrial and municipal water: Heanjia strainer screens are used to separate debris from lakes streams and wells to prevent damage of equipment. These screens also remove leaves, insects and other unwanted materials from cooling tower water where the equipment openly serves in the environment. For desalination systems, they remove dirt or other unwanted materials from the water before it is processed for salt removal. Used waste water is commonly screened through basket strainer to remove materials which should not go into a sewer or pipeline.

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Lotions and other pharmaceuticals which may comprise clumps of undispersed or undissolved matter are screened through pipeline strainers. In the production of lipsticks, for example unnecessary lumps can damage the product.


Pipeline strainers remove the unnecessary materials from petroleum products varying from crude oil to gasoline. A common example is fuel oil which comprises gums, tars or other dirt that can collect in nozzles of an oil burner. Each industrial oil burner comprises a pipeline strainer to prevent the accumulation of these materials. Mesh screen strainers are used in refineries and in oil handling applications to prevent the debris accumulation in pumps and meters.

Marine plants

Pipeline strainers are equipments used in handling sea water for quenching lines, fire control lines, sanitary lines and standard cleaning lines. The water releases from outside the ship and can handle a suitable magnitude of unwanted matter. Strainers are used in ship to clean fuel, hydraulic and lubricating equipments.

Food Industry

Strainer screens have major application in removing bits of pulp, skins or other unnecessary matter from fruit juices. These screens are essential in removing lumps from chocolate syrup and wax from honey. The baking plants clean gristle from molten lard with basket strainers and also removes bits of dough, seeds etc. The straining water can be recycled and used in other applications.

Power production

In electric power plants strainers are used to clean water for quenching and security of equipments. They are also used to prevent oil clogging.

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