Major advantages of using architectural mesh in your place

architectural mesh

Heanjia produces architectural mesh to offer a multitude of design options for exterior facades which introduce sophisticated features with numerous excellent functions.

The appealing mesh enhances the appearance of building, adding immense individual character. Based on the lighting designs and the observation angle, the mesh can seem opaque or transparent. Sunshine and clod are reflected on the mesh surface, providing a shimmering metallic effect or impression that the building has a second skin.

Wire mesh screens also add a safety function, providing protection from the sun and offer noise control. Produced from the excellent quality stainless steel, our mesh screens offer supreme corrosion resistance needed nominal maintenance. They can be customized, offering suitable safety even in the tallest buildings from the strong winds.

The performance of architectural mesh combined with good aesthetic appeal, opens new perspectives in creative design and allowing fascinating architectural solutions for interior and exterior applications. These screens offer versatile solutions in each function of the project. Clients around the world rely on our proficiency, as stated by advanced collaboration with internationally popular architects and diverse construction projects with our knowledge and durable mesh.

We have become the leading weaving company and our work is based on experience, continuous research and development of our products and manufacturing processes, with knowledge and ability of our team. This combination of tradition and innovation allows us to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients.

Although the maximum width of the wire mesh elements is limited by the production techniques, the length is controlled by handling and technical factors. In various cases, it is feasible to clad walls of 20 to 25 meter height in a single roll mesh. Depending on the technical evaluation, we can even produce longer mesh screens.

During mesh screens, the wire mesh elements are configured with a specific pretension, although the maximum loads occurring due to wind and other aspects can be higher. Exterior sunlight protection with architectural mesh is considerably more effective as compared to interior systems. Besides, the supreme security effect is paired with a wide range of additional benefits and not, least, offering financial benefits by decreasing energy costs for air conditioning.

Incident solar radiation is suitably filtered and the heating of the façade considerably decreased. The mesh transparency improves the optical effect of the façade and simultaneously, the appearance of the building from inside and outside. Specifically, with glass facades, the hole patterns opens various design options.


Supreme shading: The structural architectural mesh offers suitable shading, specifically with a large angle of sunlight incidence during summer. Solar energy can be used to reduce the cost of heating during winter with a low angle of sunlight incidence.

Ventilation : The open hole patterns of mesh ensures suitable air circulation and prevents hot air from accumulating in front of the façade. The related distance between the mesh and glass improves this ventilation effect.

Supreme view from inside: Based on the chosen mesh type, the façade seems to be fully transparent from inside while allowing to view and enter daylight.

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