Woven wire mesh uses as demister and screener

August 31, 2016

Heanjia Super-Metals weaves Wire Cloth for every type of application requirement. The mesh products can be delivered in rolls, pieces, discs, filter screens etc to meet your requirements in small to large orders. Wire Mesh product such as filter discs are widely made for polyester production applications.  Other commonly...

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Super Metal Mesh Screen filters for maximum particle elimination efficiency

August 24, 2016

Metal Screen and Super metal screen series filter cartridges also called also Micro-Screen are made from high corrosion resistant alloys for supremely controlled particle elimination efficiency. Metal meshes are made to offer particle retention ratings for mechanical screening: Super Metals screens offer 3 to 40 microns Metal screens provide 45...

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Services of Sintered Mesh Filters

August 17, 2016

Sintered mesh metal filter is significant for service in the wide range of media in the nuclear and radioactive waste treatment. This mesh is commonly used in gas and liquid screening applications Liquid flow filtration The liquid cross flow filter systems are constructed and used in the various waste processing...

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Pure Nickel and steel type 316 filters for gas supply

August 11, 2016

The materials chosen for the aggressive gas supply systems should be corrosion resistant and intact from catalysis. The reactive gases may interact with the system materials to develop corrosive deposits that may affect the gas stream on the base of their corresponding vapour pressure. In order to confirm the...

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Is electric resistance heating mesh worth the price?

August 7, 2016

Electric resistance heating is costly however the concept of in-floor heating is interesting. Does it work in tile or can be used under carpet? Generally, electric resistance heating is costly to use for heating a house. Therefore many houses that need electric heating use heat pumps that is many...

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Which is better? Tungsten mesh or foil for distribution of positrons

July 13, 2016

The effectiveness of tungsten mesh and fine foils for moderation of rapid positrons releasing from sodium (Na-22) are tested in transmission geometry. For the tested thickness, the mesh is found to be superior to foils by 10 times with the highest efficiency comparable to that received with thin single...

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Filter screens to receive pure air in summer

June 29, 2016

Every year in the summer season, the maximum temperature level is increasing gradually, making it the summer season hotter than ever. The weather is getting warm gradually. Here you just don’t need to be hydrated in fact also take care of the equipments that you use on daily basis....

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Latest Perforated sheet screen featured buildings

June 12, 2016

French town hall featured with perforated metal skin The town hall in northwest France is covered with perforated metal mesh, developing a surface that becomes transparent and opaque alternatively under light in the night. The building is recreated by LAN Architecture who has already handled gymnasium with copper hued facade...

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