What you should Know about Hot Gas Filtration

The vast range of gas filtration equipment relies on the advantages of sintered porous metal elements. Usually, hot gas filtration operates under ultra-high temperatures and harsh environments. The mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, formability and reusability are some of the characteristics that play a vital role in hot gas filtration. It is also apparent that the systems are used in high temperatures during corrosive, petrochemical, and chemical procedures. With the wire mesh filters made from Monel, they act as the best alternative for the current filter systems in which low pressure, easy cleaning, mechanical stability along with heat and chemical resistance are some of the conditions needed.

Sintered filtration medium for hot gas

The design of gas application provides a filter with minimal pressure drop to make the system more economical and on-stream cycles. When the particles come into contact with the filter, they are grouped together by the filter media. During the process of back pulsing, the particle can be cleaned with ease and the filter returns to its original condition. Usually, the hot gas is processed by the media up to a temperature limit of 900 degrees Celsius in the high chlorine gases.  When the filter tubes made from Inconel mesh are used for this purpose, the excellent metallurgical properties and have the strength needed to tolerate the aggressiveness of the harsh working media and suitable for hot gas filtration screens.

The following are some of the properties of sintered mesh.

  • Wire mesh designed in several layers with sturdy structure.
  • Reduced service cost
  • Long life and reduced service cost.
  • High level of porosity.
  • High level of chemical resistance.


Characteristics of gas filtration screen

The following are some of the features of the gas filtration screens to make the task more effective.

  • Pressure drop

The highly porous structure of the filtration screen is required to maintain the right pressure level at different level of filtration.

  • High strength

The process of sintering develops a high strength and strong metallic bond to ensure high strength of the filter elements. Apart from this, the suitability of pairing it with internal core provides additional benefits to withstand thermal shock, high pressure and back pulsing.

  • Corrosion and heat resistance

The elements of filter are also suitable for corrosive and high temperatures where the products made from polymer are unable to withstand.

  • Easy to clean

The easy structure of the porous metal makes it easy to clean the filter media with the help of techniques such as back pulsing.

  • Elements of filter

According to the level of functionality required, the right alloy is selected for offering strength and resistance. Some of the alloy mesh materials used for this purpose are Inconel and Hastelloy.

  • Design of the filter

The design of the filter must align with the application requirements. They can be used for depth and surface filtration. To achieve good efficiency by cake development provides the capacity for holding dirt and capturing the in-depth particles.

The development of the hot gas filters can withstand high temperature and offers good performance.

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