How Architectural metal mesh can make a change at your work place

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Heanjia Architectural mesh introduces a multitude of design options for aesthetic characteristics with numerous practical functions. Use of different types of mesh improves the overall appearance of a building with extensive specific character. On the basis of specific variables like lighting and observation angle, the material may seem to be transparent or opaque. The mesh is designed to serve extreme elegance to a structure.

Architectural mesh also ensures safety of structure through immediate protection from external elements for example sun, wind, rain and more. Made from durable materials such as stainless steel or aluminum, these high strength decorative architectural metal mesh offer high corrosion resistance and need minimal maintenance. They are safe for use on even the tallest buildings.

What does our architectural mesh offer

Specific design: We offer a large range of selection in decorative mesh screens with numerous design options.

Natural ventilation: Holes in mesh screens create natural ventilation at your place providing required aeration and light.

Sun Screen: Our architectural mesh is highly effective in protecting your place from warm sun rays and hence reduces the needing of air conditioners.

Beautiful Views: The decorative mesh provides a range of special views from inside and outside as well.

Available in huge rolls: Aesthetically attractive range of mesh screens is available in huge rolls to seamlessly clad large expenses in one panel hence require nominal framing or other fabrications. These are available for economical and expansive architectural cladding that require nominal framing. The screen provides coverage for large open areas providing architectural security or bird screening.


Our architectural mesh screens are robust and easily fabricated. They can be easily used to add imagery or branding.

For various applications, the mesh can be tensioned over the height of a structure. Depending on the building height, additional mountings can be installed. While most of the width of mesh is limited by production technique, the length is led by specific handling and technical factors. We also produce large size sheets subject to a wide technical evaluation.

Modern Solar Protection

Advanced workplace designs include a well- conceived building shell and full solar protection. Every worker needs glare-free monitor work area that still allows viewing outside. We help you achieve required energy efficiency by using a most of sunlight and nominal electric lights as feasible. Durable room divisions have also become old. The main objective is to support energy efficiency by allowing solar heat inside during winter and screening the place from solar radiation during summer. It is hence essential to get installed a well-versed solar screening systems for your place with advanced facades. In addition to creating a beautiful working environment for people, advanced solar protection has a key role in supporting sustainable energy efficiency formulas in buildings. These screens reflect thermal radiation before it reaches the building’s internal wall. To effectively insulate the surfaces, the mesh screens can be installed outside. This is precisely where the materials are exposed to external weather conditions such as snow, sun, rain and wind.

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