Strainer and Filter Monel Mesh for high viscous fluids filtration

Industrial monel mesh filter

Heanjia manufactures mesh screens for industrial filters, valves and process equipments. We can blend proficiency and expertise in propelling the new screens to meet the needs of industrial filtration systems. These screens are used for water, oil, pulp and grease. The mesh is installed with backwash arm to drain the screen when it is chocked. The differential pressure across the system signals to the motor and drain is opened immediately. The liquid to be cleaned is directed back. Adequate flow is needed which can be supplied through control panel, motor and drain valves. Heanjia mesh screens are suitable for highly viscous fluids that are supplied at pressures up to 300 bar.
Monel Mesh screens for bag filters are used for pressurized liquid and gas filtration. These screens are highly durable and produced in different needle felt with fine micron ratings.
Screens for industrial filters
The key function of a filter is to hold the undissolved foreign particles and other ingredients from the fluid before they can harm the expensive equipments for example heat exchangers, pumps, burners and coolant components. A filter eliminates particles that are even not visible to the naked eyes such as particles smaller than 75 microns. On the other hand strainers are used to remove visible particles. Strainers are also used in combination with filters so that larger or heavier particles can be initially removed by strainers hence limiting the need of replacing or cleaning the filter screen.
Common applications of filters are:
Liquid to liquid screening
Liquid to solid
Gas to solid
Gas to liquid
The filter screens are tailored to suit the needs of process parameters. The fluid to be filtered can be water, oil, salty water, contaminated water, acid, chemical, fertilizer, food, air, gas, steam, paper, pulp or anything. The screens are made to offer efficient and reliable filtration solutions.
The high grade alloys are used to produce mesh for filters of UV disinfection systems in saline lakebeds, shipboard reverse osmosis desalination and applications of produced water to reduce the replacement needs of components due to corrosion, to enhance reliability and minimize maintenance and manual costs. Monel perforated metal mesh filter screens are used in a variety of straining equipments for its effective corrosion resistance properties and good yield strength that is more than standard steel screens.
High alloy Monel mesh is attributed by its easy production, easy maintenance and long life service. The filter screen structure is uniform throughout the area as compared to fiber based screens. It has high mechanical strength, good resistance to high temperature and extremely resistant to chemical and physical corrosive factors. It is widely used in filtration, fluidizing and screening for use in thermal and electronic applications. It is also easy to produce through conventional fabrication processes. The metal filter screens offer high flow capacity and are easy to clean, offering low blocking and high mechanical stability and durability. The filter screens can be easily tailored to precisely meet the application needs. Even with highly formed areas, the pre-designed characteristics are retained.

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