Low maintenance and cost-effective architectural mesh for building exterior

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In the earlier days, the unique applications of stainless steel wire rolls used in architectural projects which encourages the use of this material in various aspects of architect. The appealing factor and strong features as compared to the traditional demands of a structure encouraged us to develop a fully advanced unit.

Our knowledge and skills for more than 15 years in the production of industrial mesh along with advanced quality fabrication methods and setup for the architectural metal configuration encourage our engineers to take this bold step use of wire mesh.

The beautiful stainless steel meshes have a range of creative conceptual application through ceiling, facades, partition screens, sun screens and the advanced applications in acoustic panels, canopies, catchers and reflectors.

Architectural mesh screens are used in endless applications introducing unique style and functionality to create a stunning place. To state the advanced characteristics of this material, we stress on the different aspects of the wire mesh in various applications.

Bright Ceilings

To use screens in ceiling with suitable lighting the mesh distributes light and color and reflects them back. It looks bright and transparent from different angles and it seems fully opaque. Even though the open area ranges to 70%, it can hide the sprinklers, wire trays, acoustic insulation without affecting their basic function. Any type of light configuration is feasible without affecting the aesthetics of mesh screen.

Projection screens

The mesh screens can be used for wall cladding as protection screens for light and color display. The futuristic grades of falling textures can convert any space into a real experience. The maintenance of architectural metal mesh is very easy and it needs nominal care.

Highly transparent partitions

They are effectively used as security partitions in customized and non-customizable areas for example airports without affecting the transparency of the place. On the basis of application, the mesh is weaved in different densities to achieve different levels of opacity. The woven mesh is highly strong is withstand and blend all types of curves and bends to provide an excellent finish to the building elements.

Building exteriors

Architectural mesh expanded metal with outstanding shine and strength is used to shield the whole building improving its beauty and aesthetic value. Depending on the density of mesh and light angle, the security mesh retains a balance of opaqueness covering the building as well as beautifying the open area of buildings by revealing extreme degrees of transparency. Our architectural mesh has textile like features and versatility to make the place come alive. Introducing innumerable possibilities of using the mesh for your building architecture, these screens act as sunscreens, facades and safety partitions. They are also easy to maintain and do not need any special treatment for cleaning. The durable architectural mesh has endless service life and is fully recyclable hence proves to be a fully recyclable material. So, you can enjoy the service of your architectural mesh in the long term by choosing a suitable material for your building exterior. For this, you should contact our team for the maximum support.

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