Give a New Look to your House with Decorative Stainless Steel Mesh

Flat Wire Decorative Mesh

Stainless steel mesh is a kind of wire mesh that is manufactured using weaving technology specially adapted for the material. The wires used here normally have a diameter of 12 µm to 7 mm. This depends on the type of stainless steel alloy.

In most of the industries, decorative metal mesh of stainless steel is mostly used in filtration and separation technology. The combination of different material and the weaving technology used makes it possible to accurately manufacture the mesh. This is characterized by the extremely low variance of the size of the pores and the high stability of the geometry of the pores. This is what distinguishes stainless steel mesh from other synthetic mesh having the same filter fineness.

Stainless steel meshes are also very popular in architecture due to these particular properties. Stainless steel mesh surfaces are not just only designing objects but they have a wide range of other functions. These meshes are just perfect for outdoor applications. Stainless steel facade panels up to 8 m in width can be produced that helps in preventing the solar energy from entering the building in summer and retains the heat inside the building in winter.

Its features

The following features if the steel wire mesh makes it suitable for so many applications:

  • Its aesthetic appeal
  • Versatility
  • The fact that it is architecturally inspired
  • Since it has a variety of openings and sizes
  • Due to its unique appearance and design
  • Exceptional functionality and style

The latest methods of manufacturing

With time improvement has been brought about in the processing technology of decorative steel mesh to avoid any kind of discoloration of the surface of the product. You will come across a variety of multi-standard stainless steel decorative curtains, wire cloth draperies, wire strand mesh and partition screens manufactured using the latest technology. Such improved processing methods include weaving, crimping, knitting and other special methods.

Different uses

In today’s market, stainless steel decorative wire mesh has gained huge popularity for the beautification of large structures. Its flexibility, special luster and structure add a touch of dignity to the architectural structures. Decorative steel mesh is largely used in designing ceilings, walls, stairs and railings of a big-sized opera house, exhibition halls, sports center, office spaces, luxury hotels, dancing halls, upscale flagship stores, gymnasium, shopping malls, business halls and other big sites and venues.

The modern usage

Decorative stainless steel wire mesh is used for isolating offices, staircases, restaurant tables in order to achieve an enlarged effect of the existing spaces. The surface of such decorative wire mesh can be painted in different interesting colors like purplish red, bronze, gold and many more. This decorative stainless steel wire mesh is also used for constructing many modern metal art decoration pieces. The latest metal wire curtains have an effect of changing colors due to the refraction of lights. Such metal mesh curtains can be used for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

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