Industrial standard Woven wire Inconel mesh screens for filtration

woven wire mesh

Heanjia is best known for its mesh screens. We have been supplying the mesh solutions for more than three decades. Access to local industry developments and advanced in technology means we arelooking at enhancing the products and expanding the range to meet your requirements. You are always ensured with receiving great levels of quality control and service. Choose from our wide range of woven mesh, perforated metals and expanded sheets which are also produced in rolls and sheets. We can custom produce discs, screens and sieves to your specifications.

We are a leading problem solver for applications in chemical industries. We offer the widest range of market grade stainless woven wire mesh, and screens made from high grade nickel alloys. In addition, we can offer perforated sheets to your specification. These Inconel mesh screens are ideally used in milling, food, beverage and environmental technologies, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, mining, refining and process plants. We are trusted source for filtration and screening solutions. Our screens are made to meet your needs readily. Whether you need expert advice or technical assistance, contact our skilled and knowledgeable team.

We provide high grade products to ensure meeting the quality standards and requirements. Our team will help you choose the right mesh which is based on various factors:

Aperture, wire diameter, materials, roll length and industrial standards.

Aperture: It states the size of particles which need to be screened. When screening demands tight tolerances, we keep tolerances of mesh on priority.

Wire diameter: Choosing the diameter includes various parameters: thicker wire offers stronger and more durable mesh with longer service life. It also decreases the open area and thus affects screening or sifting functionality. Decreasing the wire diameter and maintaining the same aperture size, increasing the count of apertures in a specific surface area. Performance and efficiency are improved.

Screen materials: Popularly used screen materials are SS 310, SS 316, Monel, Inconel and hastelloy grades.

Mesh selection: The selection of mesh, specifically fine mesh, based on various process factors and usually can only be chosen by conducting tests. The open area is influenced by service life of the screen.

Then comes, choosing an appropriate weave. Heanjia produces the following types of mesh weaves.

Plain weave: It is featured by exact mesh sizes. Weft wires are woven over and under the warp wires alternately.

Plain Dutch Weave: In this weave mesh, the warp wires are stronger than their weft counterparts. Weft wires are positioned as close as possible together. This weave offers good flow rate and uniform openings.

Dutch twilled weave: It involves forcing the weft wires together to attain double the count of weft wires as compare to those available in dutch weave. It offers smooth surface for ultra-fine filtration applications.

Crimped Mesh: Crimped wires are used in both directions and combined to develop a durable wire mesh with reliable and uniform surface. It is commonly used for fences, gates, partitions, racks etc.

When you order the mesh, please specify mesh count and open area to get delivered the exact mesh as per your requirements.

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