Protective and aesthetic Architectural mesh screens for buildings

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Architectural mesh seamlessly blends attractive functionality with aesthetic appeal, creating the options for fresh perspectives in advanced design. With uses in both interior and exterior applications, these mesh screens provide advanced solutions to commercial architectural issues. Heanjia offers award-winning customer service in each step of the project from design to installation. We believe in making long term relationships with popular architects, the quality of our products can be seen in their prolong performance.

Architectural mesh offers architects and planners several design options for exterior facades, combining sophisticated aesthetic features with several practical functions. The uses of different types of mesh improve the overall appearance of a building and imbue it with extensive individual character. Based on specific factors like lighting conditions, observation angle, the material may look transparent or opaque. On a sunny day, the surface of the mesh reflects sunshine, creating a shimmering metallic effect. During cloudy weather, the façade creates an impression of a building with a second skin. Irrespective of conditions, the mesh creates elegance beyond the expectation.

Architectural mesh also serves different safety functions such as immediate protection from environmental elements like sun, wind, rain and sound. Produced with molybdenum, the durable mesh screens increase corrosion resistance and need nominal maintenance. Tried and tested, the customizable screen solutions offer optimum safety for even the tallest buildings and strongest winds.


Specific design: The diversity of architectural mesh, the large spectrum of wide selection of mesh screens offer unlimited design feasibilities.

Natural ventilation: Transparent properties of architectural mesh allow natural ventilation. The open areas of mesh can also be tailored to meet the specific aeration and ventilation needs.

Sun Screen: Architectural mesh acts as a suitable protection from sun, filtering the incidence light and decreasing the gradual warming of building.

Skid- resistant: Whether it is used as balustrade infill in a multi-level parking garage or cladding on staircases, anti-skid architectural mesh can be used as an extra layer for fall protection.

Unique views: For its structure, architectural mesh gives an array of special views from inside and outside of the building, with the potential for transparent, opaque or reflective facades.

Long life: Architectural mesh expanded metal designed and produced with outstanding durability, these screens are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel grades ensuring long life and maintenance – free performance.

Innovate building: Architectural mesh is a strong toll in the renovation of existing buildings. With an adaptive design, it can fuse old and new designer elements into a refined modern structure.

Architectural mesh can be tensioned over the full height of building. To accomplish the project, the solid substructures that handle considerable loads like wind, are often needed at the upper and lower connection points. The simple arrangement ensures considerably lower costs for substructures and installation as compared to façade cladding with framed solutions. Based on the size of individual mesh elements, extra intermediate mountings are required to be installed at each level of the building. These connections decrease the maximum loads on the substructure.  Heanjia has achieved the milestone in serving several clients with high quality architectural mesh screens. For more details about these solutions, contact us.


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