Durable mesh screens for industrial filtration applications

decorative mesh

Heanjia filter screens come in different sizes and styles and can be used in bag filters, cartridge filters or basket strainers. These screens have low pressure drops, large area and are easy to clean.

Heanjia brings over three decades of experience, knowledge and skill in the production of advanced and economical mesh screens to use in large range of fluid filtration challenges occurring in the modern industries. We offer custom engineered and fabricated filtration screens for bag, cartridge, high flow and magnetic filtration equipments, pipe strainers and gas-liquid and liquid-liquid separators to meet the wide variety of filtration requirements. We also supply a wide range of filter screens produced from the high quality material grades.

It is our mission to provide the best quality industrial fluid filtration screens and the comprehensive solutions for all the challenges occurred in the current industry. We are committed to serve you with innovative filtration solutions and cater your needs of filter elements. With careful analysis, extensive customer support and economical solutions, Heanjia strives to become a business with respected solutions provided across the globe.

Heanjia endeavors to offer quality, reliability and performance when serving your needs. Applications of Hastelloy mesh in diverse industrial sectors include:

Oil and gas plants, adhesives and resins, water and waste water, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, chemical plants, food and beverages, petroleum industry, power plants, pulp and paper industry, paints and ink, process fluids.

These filter mesh screens can effectively clear dirt, pipe scales from process liquids in the chemical processing, petroleum, wastewater process plants and more. Creative innovation has allowed Heanjia to provide a wide range of filter mesh vessels to meet the standards and the demanding applications occurred in the process plants.

The filter screens can be used in several areas of process plants like oil and gas, water processing, adhesive, resin and others. The cartridge filter housing offers unique pedestal design which accommodates a wide range of sealing mechanisms. These screens are designed to offer high flow rates with compact design and versatile configuration so they need nominal maintenance and lower disposal costs as a result of fewer element change outs.

Filter screens are installed in housing for interchangeability between bag and cartridge elements and can be used a strainer for coarse filtration. The interchangeable feature offers convenience for any application that needs coarse, nominal or absolute filtration in a single process line.

Applications of filter mesh screens include: chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, industrial water, paints, coating, adhesive and resins, coolant and lubricants, edible oils and beer and wine. The screens are designed to provide a simple operational change for all operators. They are demanded by process plants, metal and mining, water, waste water, marine, petroleum, power industry and all process fluids and valve protections.

Heanjia is specialized in offering mesh screens for industrial filtration applications. We supply a wide range of screening elements for filters, filter equipments, strainers and separation systems to use in chemical, environmental and petroleum industries.

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