Hastelloy Mesh for high temperature filter

Hastelloy Mesh

Key Features:

1. Outstanding attack resistance in the diverse corrosive environments

2. High temperature service

3. Great high temperature mechanical strength

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Hastelloy mesh is proven for elevated temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, providing outstanding protection in the abrasive conditions. It has supreme durability, good strength and high pressure and stress tolerance. It is used in heat exchangers for heat transfer media, extrusion equipment, vibration reduction and automotive catalytic converters.

Hastelloy Mesh is made of various grades of Hastelloy alloys depending on the application. The commonly used grades are- Hastelloy B, C-276 and X. They offer excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion, chloride and sulfur induced stress corrosion cracking and aqueous corrosion. Hastelloy mesh is commonly used for function in the strong acids at all concentration and temperature limits. 

Properties of Hastelloy Mesh:

  1. Resistance to reducing and oxidizing media
    2. Prevent pitting and crevice attack
    3. Outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking and reducing aqueous media
    4. Resistance to hydrates, chlorine and nitric acid and other oxidizing acids and chlorine ions
    5. Resistance to strong oxidizers like ferric and cupric chlorides
    6. Prevent corrosion in formic and acetic acids and acetic anhydride

Applications of Hastelloy Mesh

  • Drugs manufacturing
  • Cellophane preparation
  • Chlorination devices
  • Pesticide processing
  • Incineration scrubber apparatus
  • Filtration and sieve screens for performing in acidic media
  • Filters for portable and duct mounting electronic air cleaners

Hastelloy woven wire mesh is an economical solution for a wide range of chemical filtration applications. Outstanding pressure rating and high chemical resistance. Unlike fabric materials, the holes remain uniform over the process time and mesh structure is stable in the high temperature applications. The mesh has firm and rigid structure that it doesn’t ravel or flex hence offers supreme consistency.

Hastelloy Wire Mesh Production

Hastelloy wire mesh is produced using the specialized and latest woven machinery, the wires are firmly interwoven to one another providing high resilience. The mesh is available for use in its original flat form or can be further processed by layering, folding, coiling and compressing. The common woven style is crimped mesh that is produced by passing the woven wires through rollers to develop diagonal pattern to achieve additional depth of about 4-8mm. Hastelloy wire mesh is specified by count of mesh per unit. It is classified on the base of its weaving styles that are required for the various application divisions.

Heanjia Super-Metals is dedicated to manufacturing flawless and high quality products at reasonable price. Our mesh solutions are ISO certified combined with the cost-efficient production with nominal impact on the environment. Contact us for different wire diameters and mesh sizes with different crimping, calendaring, layering and rolling requirements. We strive to offer unlimited options to our clients for their unique process requirements.

Heanjia Nickel Wire Mesh offers all above forms of Hastelloy Wire Mesh in all standard as well as more related products like Inconel Mesh – Heat resistant materials

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