Tungsten Mesh

Key Features:

  1. Smooth and clean mesh surface
  2. Stable service at the high temperatures
  3. Exceptional corrosion resistance
  4. Very high melting point
Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Tungsten Mesh is made of pure tungsten wire, it is resistant to oxidation attack and corrosion in acidic and alkaline media. Tungsten Mesh offers excellent high temperature mechanical characteristics and smallest coefficient of thermal expansion among all metals.  It is used in the elevated temperature filtration applications. It has supreme thermal creeping resistance and maximum service temperature up to 3400oC. Tungsten mesh is extremely durable. The mesh surface is flat, clean and flawless. Therefore it is a vital filter and screening material for mechanical, electrical, vacuum equipment, heating and other special applications.

Tungsten Mesh Available Specifications:

Wire diameter: 0.03mm to 2mm

Opening size: 0.1mm to 25mm.

Tungsten Mesh Applications:

Chemical industries, acid production, scientific research labs and universities,  filter, vacuum apparatus, hydrogen production, fire hazard security and heat shielding

Tungsten mesh properties:

  1. Tungsten mesh offers the highest furnace service temperature about 3000oC with suitable optical heat transfer performance for specific temperature uniformity.
  2. Large surface area decreases the watt density resulting in enhanced element service life.
  3. Mild wire tear will not affect the mesh service life in any case.
  4. Tungsten mesh is produced in the specific sizes, shapes and styles to fit any type of vacuum furnace
  5. The mesh element can perform at the minimum temperature in correspondence to the service temperature limit.
  6. As the thermal stress are unavoidable during heating operations in the high temperature furnaces, an inherent flexibility of tungsten mesh and weave designs, handle the stress more significantly.
  7. Tungsten metal mesh sustains dimensional stability during the frequent heat cycling. As the mesh has large radiating area, its surface life is considerably increased by decreasing the surface watt loading on the heating elements.

Tungsten Mesh Property Data:

Atomic No. 74
Melting Point 3695 K or 3422oC or 6192oF
Boiling Point 6203 K or 5930 oC or 10706 oF
Density 19.25 g/cm3
Thermal expansion 4.5 µm/ (m.K) at 25oC
Thermal conductivity 173 W/m.K
Electrical resistivity 52.8 nΩ.m at 20oC
Young Modulus 411 GPa
Shear Modulus 161 GPa
Poisson Ratio 0.28
Vickers Hardness 3430 to 4600 MPa
Brinell Hardness 2000 to 4000 MPa

Heanjia Super-Metals has been supplying the Tungsten mesh products for filters and screening applications for over 30 years to customers throughout the world. 

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