Industrial applications of Precision woven wire mesh screens

mesh filter hydraulic fluids

For wire mesh products and screens, Heanjia is the leading supplier of space cloth, filter cloth and related products. We offer screens in a variety of material grades, crimp styles and meshes.

Woven Nichrome mesh is extremely smooth, highly durable to speed up the bolting action and increase the capacity of screening machined. It used for sifting and filtration and as heating mesh in high temperature applications. It has a high percentage of open area and is widely used when the maximum throughput is crucial. Highly tensile woven nichrome mesh is used in industrial applications where a combination of high capacity and strength is needed.

Our filter mesh is comprised of a heavy warp wire which is significantly stronger and more durable as compare to similarly made square weave mesh. Due to the precise geometrical structures that our manufacturing processes produce, our mesh holds uniform porosity that far exceeds those found in other filter materials.

Macro filter wire cloth features more wires in the shute direction as compare to in the warp direction of mesh pattern. The mesh can be cleaned easily and woven from different materials into different weaving patterns.

You can order mesh screens in roll or panel forms. They are produced in a wide variety of wire diameters and in a square or rectangular mesh. Warp and fill wires improve strength and versatility of the mesh. These screens are a preferred choice for designers and fabricators. This rigid product can be sheared and formed and finished to the demanding specifications.

Handrail infill panels are produced with attractive square or rectangular mesh openings. When correctly specified, it conforms to the current industrial standards. We fabricate mesh panels to proper specifications.

Wire mesh is used for several industrial and commercial screening applications and is a cost-effective option for resisting rust and corrosion. Applications of Inconel mesh screens for baskets, vents, dehydrators and miscellaneous sheet metal fabrications. Hardware and industrial cloth in a woven construction is commonly used in chemical and petrochemical applications for offering corrosion resistance and durability.

Woven wire mesh for industrial cloth keeps its shape better. For a given size, woven wire mesh is found to be more flexible. Wire mesh screens prove to be more economical when considered overall life cycle. Inconel mesh is the most versatile product for all types of industrial applications. It is produced from different grades such as Inconel 600, 601, 625 and 718. The precision woven mesh with uniform spacing offers durable and prolong performance throughout its life.

We offer a large range of woven mesh screens for each application. Our line of woven wire products serve to enhance the health safety and general welfare of users. Common applications of Inconel mesh screens include trays, cleaners, plastic extrusion, catalyst and support gauzes, precious metal recovery, filtration of particles, fluid, gas, battery grids, oil and petro gauge, ore separation, sugar refinery, pollution control, wide range of industrial applications.

Characteristics of these screens include faster screening, high load strength, long life, precision performance and accurate aperture.

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