What makes Inconel mesh ideal for varied temperature application conditions

woven wire mesh

Precision woven mesh screens are produced in different types of weaves. Plain square weave is offered for simple sieving processes through various weave patterns such as plain dutch weave, twill and single plain weave etc. Dutch twill weave is offered for the most comprehensive choice of surface filtration applications.

Inconel mesh offers good permeability, high tensile strength and is available from single wrap designs to complex multi-layered structures in pleated specifications to optimize the area available. These screens can be produced in diffusion bonded versions to increase performance of holes and size and receive the largest range of pore sizes of any filter screen.

Standard Inconel mesh screen with other specifications is offered in different media configurations such as woven wire mesh and sintered mesh. These screens offer various features and benefits:

Robust cartridges: Robust mesh offers resistance to mechanical abrasion.

Good permeability: The mesh has open structure to offer good permeability.  The construction prevents the need for resin bonded end caps. Its robust structure offers long service life and its suitability to the most demanding of conditions.

Single layered designs to complex multi-layered structures: These can be produced in a variety of layer combinations based on the specific grade and micron requirement.

Smooth surface variant: The producing process of our element enables us to achieve a smooth surface variant. This is the recommended selection for a backwash application.


Catalyst recovery and retention: For use in the collection of catalyst dust on different catalyst hoppers or FCC regenerator stream or refineries.

Gasification and chemical production: For the clean-up of syngas from pet coke / coal feedstock and for IGCC trains, amongst others, for the production of hydrogen and other chemicals.

Vent filters: For emission control of dust in different industry applications.

Agrochemical: Usually for ammonia systems used on nitric acid and urea plants.

Steam: For applications in chemical, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmaceutical powder recovery: For medium pressure applications in dryers and blenders.

Polymer  melt : For the filtration of hot polymers used for the production of man-made polymer films, fibers and bottles.

Filter cartridges and elements are made of Inconel grades and stainless steel as standards. These screens are produced for use as filter medium. The filter media and support mesh are connected together to ensure element integrity, preventing the risk of bypassing and the presence of extractables derived from bonding.

The mesh allow for operation in the temperature range from -269oC to 1000oC and pressure up to 25 bar. Higher service temperatures and differential pressures can be accommodated by design. Besides to the support core, there is an inner core to find the multiple length units on rods.

Additionally Inconel sintered mesh is commonly used for purification and filtration by offering several advantages such as:

High strength and durability, corrosion resistance and heat resistance up to 480oC, stable filter performance, easy to clean, uniform filtration in high pressure or high viscosity operation and more.

Sintered mesh screens are popularly used for filtration of liquid and gas, separation and recovery of solid particle, transpiration cooling under very high temperature, controlled air flow, improved heat and mass transfer and are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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