Metal Fiber Mats and Fabric: Effective products in burners

Metal Fiber

Metal Fiber Mat: Its properties and uses

Metal Fiber Mats are used in several gas combustion applications in homes, industries etc. Metal fiber mat for metal fiber burners have a quality of a fiber and can be formed into the shape of a cone, cylinder or hemisphere. These mats can be heated and cooled quickly ensuring less operating hours and safe environment. Advantages of metal fiber mat are

  1. Its surface temperature is high.
  2. It can be used inside furnaces under stable combustion conditions.
  3. It has excellent response.
  4. It has excellent thermal efficiency.
  5. It is safe as it cools down quickly.

Various features of metal fiber mat are

  1. It has resistance to corrosion.
  2. It has fuel efficiency and is cost-effective.
  3. It has various configurations such as low, standard and high profile.
  4. It has high radiance.
  5. It has high performance as it is multi-layered.

Metal fiber mat for metal fiber burners is widely used in food industries and several other industrial applications. A fiber (Fecralloy) is formed into a mat to use in a burner that can provide uniform flame on various geometrical shapes. Fecralloy has high temperature resistance and can be formed into various geometrical shapes. It has excellent integrity even after burning at high temperature. It can be used for a variety of applications due to its variety of geometrical shapes. Advantages of Fecralloy are

  1. It is highly durable.
  2. It has high resistance to oxidation.
  3. It can maintain a stable form.
  4. It can withstand high temperature.
  5. It has a perforated substrate that helps in achieving a uniform flow in the burner.
  6. It has excellent firing rate.


Metal Fiber Fabric: Its properties and applications

Metal Fiber Fabric is commonly used in residential, industrial and commercial applications due to its advantages such as

  1. Low emission of NOx and CO emissions.
  2. Excellent turn-down ratio.
  3. It can be prepared in large sizes.
  4. Excellent radiance.
  5. It can be prepared in different geometrical shapes for different applications.
  6. Excellent resistance to oxidation.
  7. Excellent durability for effective burning.
  8. It is safe as it can cool down quickly.
  9. It is strong and can’t be damaged easily.

Metal Fiber Fabric is used in various applications such as

  1. Industrial Ovens
  2. Air Heaters
  3. Catering applications
  4. Infrared burners
  5. Radiant burners
  6. Water tank gas heaters
  7. Boilers in industries
  8. Boilers in domestic applications
  9. Gas adaptive controls
  10. Power burners

Metal Fiber Fabric can withstand high temperature and provides protection to internal components of burner. It can be formed into different shapes and sizes to meet the user’s requirements. It can be used in gas absorption heat pump, cascade system and boilers for residential, commercial and industrial applications due to its high resistance to high temperature. Fecralloy is a metal fiber fabric with excellent surface heat strength and produces low noise during the burning process.

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