Nichrome Wire Mesh Heater for floor heating and furnaces

Nichrome Wire Mesh Heater

Key Features:

1. High temperature stability

2. Extreme corrosion and oxidation resistance

3. Elevated temperature strength and low temperature coefficient of electric resistivity

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Nichrome Wire Mesh heater offers outstanding heating functions. It has great heat resistance at the elevated temperatures. It is commonly used in the applications where temperature rises up to 1200oC or 1400oF.

Properties of Nichrome Mesh Heater

  1. Outstanding resistance to oxidation and other corrosive media
  2. Low temperature coefficient of electric resistivity
  3. Good ductility
  4. Non-magnetic in nature
  5. Withstands high pressure and fluctuating temperatures
  6. Stable structure at high temperatures
  7. Well distributed heating power
  8. Uniform heat supply across the system or  target area

How Nichrome Mesh Heater Works?

When electric current is supplied to a heating element, it produces large amount of heat. Nichrome mesh heater works in the same way, only the difference is that it generates heat more evenly.

Whether you require to heat a full room or only a component of your furnace, Heanjia is always there to assist you. We take pleasure to supply the required heating mesh materials at your door.

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