Heat Treating Baskets

Key Features:

1. Outstanding oxidization resistant

2. Able to withstand heavy load and high temperature

3. Expert to design and produce the basket according to your needs

4. We help you save the cost while meeting the application needs.

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Heat Treating Baskets are designed to work in elevated temperature environments.  They can be made of different alloys such as Nichrome alloysInconel alloysHastelloy alloys as per customer requirements and working conditions. The factors that need to be considered while choosing the Basket for Heat Treating include: working temperature, environment corrosion type and load on the basket.

The engineers at Heanjia Super-Metals keep abundant knowledge in choosing the right material and basket design basing on customer’s needs.

The Basket for Heat Treating is produced from the best quality heat resistant materials such as Inconel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Nichrome and Tungsten. The availability of such wide range of materials and forming options makes us an ideal partner to fulfill your requirements for a diverse range of industrial applications. 

Properties of Mesh Basket for Heat Treatment:

  1. Enhanced performance in the severe conditions
  2. Elastic construction to resume shape after the load is removed
  3. High yield strength
  4. Outstanding chemical resistance
  5. High pressure resistance
  6. Flame resistance
  7. Withstand elevated temperatures, large weight and retain versatility without deformation

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