Kanthal mesh

Kanthal Mesh

Key Features:

1. High electric resistivity and low density

2. Exceptional heat resistance

2. Outstanding resistance in hot condition, sulfur and carburizing media

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Product Description:

Kanthal Mesh is made of Kanthal Wires(Kanthal D, Kanthal A-1 or Kanthal APM.)  It offers great resistance to high temperature and oxidation.  Kanthal APM Mesh can serve as high as 1400oC with good mechanical stability.

To avoid potential trademark infringement with Sandivik, here we declare: This product is not Sandvik product, the producer is Heanjia Super Metals Co., Ltd. We purchase Kanthal wire from market and manufacture it into mesh products.

Why Kanthal Mesh?

Kanthal is a powdered metallurgical ferittic iron-chromium-aluminum alloy made for service at the extremely high temperatures varying up to 1425oC or 2600oF.  The resistance to high temperature heating makes Kanthal Mesh widely useable in furnaces and heat processing elements.

Kanthal Mesh Properties:

1. High Melting point of Kanthal prevents the material to soften while service at the elevated temperatures.

2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion

3. Good thermal conductivity

4. High temperature stability

5. High material strength

6. Low vapor pressure

7. Resistance to oxidation and other high temperature corrosion types

Kanthal Mesh Applications:

  1. Gas burners
  2. Catalysts
  3. Electronic engineering
  4. Heat processing
  5. Furnace curtains
  6. E-cigarette atomizers
  7. Furnace Filters

Heanjia Super-Metals produce Kanthal heating mesh for use in the diverse high temperature applications. We manufacture the mesh into various of sizes and shapes according to customer’s requirement.