Kanthal Mesh

Key Features:

1. Outstanding high temperature resistance

2. Exceptional heat resistance

2. Outstanding resistance in hot condition, sulfur and carburizing media

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

We manufacture Kanthal Mesh with customsized specifications.

What is Kanthal Mesh?

Kanthal Mesh is made by weaving Kanthal Wires. There are 3 grades available: Kanthal D mesh, Kanthal A1 mesh and Kanthal APM mesh. They have difference in maximum working temperature: Kanthal D mesh< 1300℃, Kanthal A1 mesh< 1400℃, Kanthal APM mesh< 1420℃. Beside of the working temperature difference, they share some common properties.

Kanthal Mesh Properties:

1. High Melting point of Kanthal prevents the material to soften while service at the elevated temperatures.
2. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
3. Good thermal conductivity
4. High temperature stability
5. High material strength
6. Low vapor pressure
7. Resistance to oxidation and other high temperature corrosion types

Kanthal Mesh Applications:

  1. Gas burners
  2. Catalysts
  3. Electronic engineering
  4. Heat processing
  5. Furnace curtains
  6. E-cigarette atomizers
  7. Furnace Filters

 Kanthal Mesh Product Pictures:

Kanthal mesh 5Kanthal mesh 2Kanthal mesh 1Kanthal mesh 4

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