Wire mesh-conveyor-belt by Heanjia Super-Metals

Conveyor for Heat Treatment

Key Features:

1. Long service life

2. Heat resistant and high strength materials

3. Performance at ambient to very high temperatures

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Heanjia Super-Metals manufactures the supreme quality conveyors for conducting heat treatments such as tempering, annealing, curing, preheating, drying and various other processes in the entire industries.

The high performance alloy mesh belt is particularly made for use in the elevated temperature operation areas such as in the heat processing. With the regular development and increased demand, we produce conveyors for applications conducted up to 1200oC.

Conveyor for Heat Treatment Material Types

We construct the conveyors in the variety of styles such as flat belt, chain, chain-edge, mesh belt, serpentine and others. They are constructed of wires, mesh or chains using the best grades of Inconel, Incoloy, Stainless steel, Nichrome and FeCrAl alloys. We have above 30 years experience in the production of mesh belts for use in the entire ranges of industrial applications.

Conveyor for Heat Treatment Applications

  1. Heat processing such as in annealing and quenching furnaces
  2. Hardening, brazing, soldering, glass sealing, enameling
  3. Food production and processing
  4. Sintering furnaces
  5. Dryers
  6. Carburizing furnaces
  7. Atmosphere tempering furnaces

Heanjia Super-Metals deliver reliable quality conveyors that do not need maintenance and are superior for continuous heating and quenching operations in the heat treating kilns and industrial ovens. They ensure high level of consistent quality hardness and physical properties for transportation, washing and tempering. We produce conveyors for an extensive range of heat treating processes with our innovative designs for industrially utilized conveying components.

We can also design and manufacture mesh conveyors belt for your specific application needs. Call us today to discuss your conveyor requirements.

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