molybdenum Tungsten-wire-mesh

Molybdenum Mesh

Key Features:

1. Excellent high temperature performance

2. Corrosion and wear resistance

3. Prolong service

4. Elevated temperature and pressure tolerability

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Molybdenum Mesh is made with Molybdenum wire. It has very similar properties with tungsten in many conditions.  Molybdenum has very high melting point about 2,623oC or 4,753oF and it can withstand extremely high pressure and temperature conditions without changing its structure noticeably. Due to these properties, Molybdenum Mesh is commonly used in the heating elements and high temperature furnaces as structure support, mesh protector or filter media. However, it needs vacuum or hydrogen conditions to extend its serving life.

Advantages of Molybdenum Mesh:

Molybdenum has a crucial role in the chemical industries. Molybdenum mesh is used in applications that need corrosion resistance, smoke and flame resistance, high pressure and temperature resistance. Molybdenum products are used in automotive components, construction parts, gas transmission lines and chemical processing lines.

Molybdenum Mesh Properties:

  1. Great strength at high temperatures
  2. Small vapor pressure
  3. Limited thermal expansion
  4. Outstanding heat conductivity
  5. Low electric resistivity

Molybdenum Wire Mesh Applications: 

  1. Radiation screens
  2. Heating elements
  3. Sintering trays
  4. Heat bodies
  5. Heat shield
  6. High temperature furnaces
  7. Electric vacuum components
Molybdenum Physical properties:
Density (gm/cm3) 10.22
Density(lbs/in3) 0.36900
Youngs Modulus (* 106 PSI) 0
Specific Heat at 20 Deg C (cals/gm) 0.064
Thermal Conductivity (watts/cm/Deg. C) 1.397000
Coefficient of Linear Expansion (X 10-6 in/in Deg. C) 5.4
Melting Point °C 2610.00
Melting Point °F 4730.00

Heanjia Super-Metals is professional supplier of Molybdenum mesh and tungsten mesh for the high temperature applications.  We design the Molybdenum mesh with our extensive experience.

Our customers are rest assured of receiving the precision fabricated heating elements. Contact us for detailed information on Molybdenum heating mesh products or for a quick quote.

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