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Seawater Filter

Key Features:

1. Filtration of contaminants of different sizes

2. Seawater corrosion resistant construction materials

3. Prolong performance

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Seawater filter is used for separating solid contaminants such as debris and marine life from water and emulsions. The flow rate varies from 10 gpm to several hundreds of gpm. The filtration mesh is made from the stainless steel grades and nickel-copper alloys that withstand severe seawater conditions and flow speeds.

Seawater Filter Properties

  1. Several filtration element shapes
  2. Small diameter
  3. Large element collapse pressure
  4. Lightweight and cost-effective
  5. Quick back-flushing
  6. Versatile design
  7. Precision manufacture
  8. Reduce expenditures of power, cleaning chemicals, pre-filter cartridge replacement and manual work.

Seawater Filter Applications

Filtration of seawater, cooling water, water injection processing, fire water, potable water and RO membrane security.

It is specifically suitable for the seawater filtration for quenching units, generators, heat exchanger and other special systems that need security.

Why Our Seawater filter?

Seawater is extremely attacking in nature therefore our filtration systems are made from the corrosion resistant materials to provide the anti-corrosive filtration performance.

When contaminated sea water travels in any water equipment, it results in layer accumulation, fouling, and clogging the system that can cause expensive replacement and maintenance. Use of our corrosion resisting sea water mesh filters reduces the requirement of costly maintenance by removing the accumulated particulates and preventing corrosion from the sea water resource.

Sea water filters manufactured by Heanjia Super-Metals are back –flushable and can standalone or skid mounted systems. The design is fit for floating and fixed production systems. We produce the filters in the various material types such as super duplex stainless steel, carbon steel, Cupronickel, Monel Inconel and Incoloy. Contact us today to consult with our specialists about the suitable filter for your application.

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