Titanium mesh anode-Heanjia Super-Metals

Titanium Mesh Anode

Key Features:

1. Extremely corrosion resistant in oxidizing and other types of environments

2. No interaction with other metals during electrochemical reactions

3. Longer service

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Titanium Mesh Anodes are a reliable and economical alternative to traditional lead anodes in electrowinning operations for producing copper, nickel and cobalt metals.

Titanium Mesh has light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance properties. These properties make it fit for use in the diverse industries. It produces a security oxide layer that avoids electrolytic reaction with other metals. Hence using a titanium mesh can enhance the  productivity process of anodized aluminum parts. Titanium mesh endures those constructed of aluminum thus needs less down time.

Only commercially pure Titanium mesh should be utilized in anodizing applications because titanium combined with other metals causes contamination.

Titanium Mesh Anode Benefits

  1. Considerable energy saving- small cell voltage cuts cell energy use up to 15%.
  2. Enhances sustainability and protection by discarding the cleaning needs of lead sludge from cells.
  3. Decreases operational cost by preventing the inclusion of cobalt sulfate to electrotype.
  4. Enhances cathode quality by preventing the use of lead in the electrolyte circulation.

Why Titanium is the best alternative to lead anodes

Our Titanium Mesh Anodes are low energy mesh materials to replace conventional cast or cold rolled lead anodes. Fit for new and already established EW operations, the titanium metal substrate with a fully amorphous coating offers a considerable cut down in cell voltage as compared to the standard lead anodes or crystalline coated titanium anodes. Even  it also avoids the precipitation of unwanted contaminants like manganese and lead oxides.

The lead anodes pose a challenge for EW operations in handling and disposing of lead waste. The cells need to be cleaned by operators to eradicate lead sludge accumulation that can be risky to health and safety of an operator. Unlikely, the titanium anodes avoid this need.

Additionally, the titanium anodes do not need to be stabilized by adding cobalt sulfate to the electrolyte. Preventing cobalt from EW process decreases the operation cost and with titanium anodes there is no need to electrically separate the cells that increases the plant availability and productivity.

Titanium mesh has two types: the mesh made by weaving titanium wire and mesh by expanding titanium sheet.

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