Titanium Perforated Metal

Key Features:

1. Durable and strong structure
2. High strength
3. Low weight and bright finish
4. Outstanding corrosion resistance


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Product Description:

Titanium Perforated Metal is produced with titanium sheet (TA1 or TA2). It has the highest strength to weight ratio among metals. Titanium Perforated Metal provides outstanding corrosion resistance with its ability to produce a secure oxide layer.

Titanium Perforated Metal Applications:
1. Chemical processing
2. Desalination
3. Power production system
4. Valve and pump components
5. Marine hardware
6. Prosthetic equipments

Titanium Perforated Metal Available Specifications:

Hole size: 0.2mm to 20mm

Sheet thickness: 0.1mm to 2mm

Sheet size: customized sizes available

Titanium Perforated Metal Photos:

micro titanium perforated metaltitanium perforated metalmicro titanium perforated metal 2titanium perforated metal (2)

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