Centrifugal nickel screen

Centrifugal Nickel Screens

Key Features:

1. High performance industrial nickel grade as raw material

2. High tensile strength

3. Good ductility and deformation resistance

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Heanjia Super-Metals produce Centrifugal Nickel screens as a leading solution for the textile industries. They offer great resistance to corrosion and are hard to wear.These centrifuge screens made by nickel electroformed mesh are widely used in the sugar production process.

The mechanical characteristics of Nickel Screens are mainly based on using the optimal raw material as well as accurate process control equipments. Using 99.9 percent pure nickel we offer screens with the required mechanical properties for example, mechanical stress, tensile strength and good ductility.

Centrifugal Nickel Screens Properties

  1. Highly ductile nickel screens with flat and harder chrome plating offer excellent deformation resistance for longer life in the diverse application media
  2. Corrosion resistant smooth performance surface to prevent sugar crystal damage while operation.
  3. High Temperature resistance
  4. Flawless conical slots without blocking or blinding enhances the filtration efficiency
  5. Suitable sizes, slot patterns and orientations to meet the different centrifugal manufacturing needs.

Centrifugal Nickel Screens Applications

Melting and magmatizing the centrifuged sugar or after processing in the dry form. Other uses are in marine, food processing and fertilizer applications.

At Heanjia Super-Metals, we produce new generation of electroformed centrifugal screens in the finest product quality and finish. Contact us today to order your Centrifugal nickel screen in any size.

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