Perforated Metal Decorative Mesh

Key Features:

1: Wide range of materials available: Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

2: Wide range of colors available: natural colors and electroplated colors

3: Further finishing services available: polishing, shaping, etc.

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Product Description:


Perforated Metal Decorative Mesh is mainly used as architectural Mesh for Indoor and outdoor decoration uses. It is produced with various of opening shapes and colors for good permeability and decorative effects.

Perforated Metal Decorative Mesh Applications:

For indoor uses: decoration of doors and windows, partition, elevation, stands and shelf and can be used for the making and decoration of the ceiling, wall and sound-absorbing materials, stairs, balconies and flooring.

For outdoor uses: decorating the external walls of the building; highway, railway, subway and other transportation services and facilities; architectural mesh, walls decoration, generator room, factory buildings, and sound-absorbing panels.

Our advantages:

1: Wide range of materials: Stainless steel, aluminum, hot and cold steel, copper, etc.

2: Wide range of colors:

Natural colors: Brass, Bronze, Stainless,

Plated colors: Brass, Bronze, Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Nickel, Silver, Gold, etc.

4: We offer plating services and finishing services. We offer variations in color such as gold, silver, brass, antique bronze, and chrome in a variety of luster including dull, bright and satin.

5: We work closely with architects or distributors to ensure that they get the finish they want. Many of our clients need the decorative mesh meeting their unique design; we are very pleased to supply you with qualified product that meeting your various needs.

Perforated Metal Decorative Mesh Characteristics:

1. Aesthetically appealing look
2. Smooth surface
3. Uniform perforation
4. Solid structure
5. Corrosion resistant


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