Electroformed nickel screen

Electroformed Nickel Screen

Key Features:

1. Highly Versatile

2. Excellent corrosion resistance properties as offered by Nickel metal

3. Extremely reliable performance

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Electroformed Nickel Screen is utilized in applications where precise control and versatility are crucial. The product’s consistency offers industries with operational enhancements, cost effectiveness and competitive benefits.

Properties of Electroformed Nickel Mesh

  1. Small surface tension
  2. Thickness
  3. Reliability
  4. Ultra tight tolerances
  5. Shaped and smooth aperture walls
  6. Repeatability of aperture specification

Applications of Electroformed Nickel Mesh

There are several applications of electroformed nickel mesh such as fuel cells, analyzers, biosensors, electrodes, image testing, chromatography, spectrometry, CRT, sonic control and UV filtration. Filtration of light, air, sound and matter. The  target application sectors are Sugar Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry, Textile Industry, Paint and Print Industry.

Electroformed nickel mesh is also widely used as centrifuge screens that are utilized in kitchen appliances, razor foils, filters and precision sieve screens.

What is Electroforming?

Electroforming is a type of electrodeposition technique similar to electroplating in which two electrodes acting as anode and cathode are immersed in a conducting electrolyte comprising of metallic salts and, DC power is supplied. Current travels across the electrodes, converting the nickel ions into atoms, accumulating nickel atoms layers on the cathode surface to produce a consistent deposit that is called electroformed mesh.

Electroforming is a more economical method to produce highly functional metal foils than ordinary metallurgical procedures.

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