Electroformed nickel mesh screens for sugar mills

Nickel Screen for Sugar Industry

Key Features:

1. High ductility and tensile strength to withstand large centrifugal force and convenient mounting on basket.

2. Increased sugar production hence higher yield than traditional screens

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Heanjia Super-Metals serve overseas markets with a range of nickel screens for sugar industry. We firmly trust that our screens have a competitive edge and quality is standardized meeting the industrial standards. We can also produce screens in the customized specifications.

We are a leading manufacturer of high quality Nickel screens with above 30 years experience in electroforming. The regular product development aims at providing cost-effective and process optimized screening solutions for modern sugar industries.

Nickel Screen Properties

  1. Thicker screens provide longer life than ordinary thinner screens
  2. Reduced slot size increases sugar productivity
  3. Large open area percentage hence more efficiency
  4. Uniform slot opening
  5. Desired hardness of screen layer
  6. Conacity of diverge
  7. Very small internal stress on screen and great resistance to deformation
  8. Smooth working surface to prevent sugar crystal damage while separation of sugar crystal from molasses
  9. Equal weight of segments

These nickel screens can be utilized with 0.06 sloth width to increase the throughput by 150% or with 0.04 slot to capture the smallest sugar crystal with same throughput and color to decrease the final molasses purity.

The Nickel screens are made using 99.99% pure nickel by advanced electroforming process.The excellence of our products is reflected in the great level of customer satisfaction that we have achieved.

The production of Nickel screens for sugar industry was begun three decades ago that eventually became the choice for the fruit juicer and other similar industries. The screens are made in the different sizes meeting the entire international standards of centrifugal and well made to suit the global version of sugar screening.

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