Aluminum wire mesh rolls

Aluminum Mesh

Key Features:

1. Extremely lightweight

2. Excellent corrosion and oxidation resistant

3. Good electric and thermal conductivity

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Product Description:

Aluminum Mesh Introduction:

Aluminum mesh is made of Aluminum wire or sheet including the types- aluminum wire mesh, aluminum expanded metal and aluminum perforated metal.  It is pliable, malleable and lightweight metal that can be produced into various shapes. Aluminum mesh has high electric conductivity, good reflection of light and heat and it is rust resistant.

Aluminum Mesh Applications:

  • Window Screens
  • Stair treads & risers
  • Ornamental trim grilles
  • Walkways
  • Room Dividers
  • Screens
  • Sun shades
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Parking garage
  • Light barrier and intriguing forms

Attractive Features of Aluminum Mesh:

Aluminum has several attractive features that compel metallurgists and manufacturers who are looking for excellent function materials.

Lightweight- Aluminum is the lightest metal among the industrial materials, having specific mass 2700kg/m3 which is practically three times lighter than steel. It offers an eco-friendly and economical alternative to heavy materials. Lightweight property enhances the operation level as well as cuts down the handling cost of a product.

Corrosion resistance– Aluminum offers outstanding corrosion resistance. High resistance enhances its service and widely cuts down the maintenance cost of equipment and sustains external appearance. These characteristics are specifically needed in the industrial automotives, street stuff and traffic signals.

Surface work- The corrosion resistance and good appearance properties of Aluminum and its alloys are required in the surface work of various materials. They improve the intrinsic properties of equipments. For instance, electroplating of just few microns significantly improves and sustains the decorative characteristics as well as enhances resistance to corrosion and stress loads.

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