Nickel Wire Mesh

Key Features:

1: Made of pure nickel (purity >99.8%).

2: Used for filtration, nickel catalyst and nickel electrode for fuel cell and batteries.

3: Manufactured according to each customer’s specified requirement at wide range.

4: Mesh: 0.2mesh/inch to 400mesh/inch

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Product Description:

What is nickel wire mesh?

Nickel Wire Mesh is made of pure nickel wire (Nickel purity>99.8%) by weaving machines, the weaving pattern includes plain weaving, dutch weaving, reverse dutch weaving, etc. We are capable of producing ultra fine nickel mesh, up to 400 meshes per inch.

Nickel wire mesh is widely used in chemical industry. The common applications include: nickel filtration media, nickel catalyst and nickel electrode for fuel cell and batteries.

Nickel mesh is highly resistant to various reducing chemicals and caustic alkalies. Annealed pure nickel mesh has a low hardness and good ductility and malleability. Nickel mesh is widely used to keep product purity, such as food, synthetic fibers, caustic alkalies because of its outstanding corrosion resistance. Other applications include being used as corrosion resistant parts, electronic parts, aerospace, etc.

Nickel Wire Mesh Available Specifications:

Mesh: 0.2mesh/inch  to 400mesh/inch

Thickness: 0.03mm to 10mm

Opening size: 0.03mm to 80mm

Width: 150mm to 3000mm

We manufacture nickel mesh at wide range according to each customer’s specified requirements, such as mesh thickness, opening size, sheet size, etc. Please feel free to contact with us for more information. 

ultra thin nickel mesh 31ultra thin nickel mesh

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