Bioreactor Filter by Heanjia Super-Metals

Bioreactor Filter

Key Features:

1) Large surface area
2) Lightweight & zero buoyancy
3) Self cleaning
4) Suitable surface for bio filter to multiply

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Bioreactor Filter is an advanced water processing solution, integrated with membrane separation and biological processing system. It has replaced the sedimentation tank in the bioreactor to maintain highly activated sludge content and decreased the space used for waste water processing and the sludge quantity by maintaining low sludge load. It can completely hinder and keep microorganisms in the bioreactor by its filtration ability that obtains the total separation between the hydraulic retention and activated sludge age. Thus, it helps in preventing the sludge expansion issues as occur in the traditional activated sludge process. Moreover due to its high effluent performance, it offers prolonged service life.

Advantages Of Bioreactor Filter For Aquaculture

1. Discard ammonia, nitrites and dissolved organic materials
2. Eliminate carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other dissolved gases
3. Add oxygen
4. Removes suspended solids

Applications Of Bioreactor Filter

1. Industrial/Commercial wastewater processing
2. Screens for Domestic sewage treatment units
3. Chemical wastewater processing
4. Wastewater/Sewage recycle/reuse
5. Customized filters according to customers’ requirements
6. Fish store and transit
7. Water recirculation in aquaculture and aquarium

Bioreactor Filter Media:

Product No. 01 02 03 04 05
Diameter, Height(mm) 12, 9 11, 7 10, 7 14.5, 9.8 25, 12
Weight per m3(kg) 120 140 150 120 95
Number of unites per m3 666,340 1038,000 1038,700 341,000 135,300
Specific surface area(m2/m3) >693 >845 >834 >591 >427
Nitrification Efficiency 650 750 850 650   400
Color Natural White
Material Virgin polythene (PE)
Bio-film formation duration (days) 5-15 
PreferentialTemperature (oC) <65
Service Life (year) >10
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