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In-line sanitary filter

Key Features:

1. Economical material

2. Outstanding corrosion resistance

3. High mechanical strength

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Product Description:

In-line sanitary filter is constituted of filter body and magnet bars in the center. It is designed to eradicate the ferrous impurities from the variable viscosity level liquid. The magnetic filter can be used in the food and beverage industries with triple clamp sanitary design and water processing. The applications that need the installation of gauges, vents or pressurized air connections are easily accommodated by double ¼ inch threaded cover taps. 316 stainless steel construction provides outstanding corrosion resistance and reliable performance. A smooth mirror finish makes it easy to clean the vessel internally.

The magnetic inline filter is an ideal magnetic system for retaining the purity of product as it removes the small contaminants and offers magnetic protection for processing equipments of liquid lines. In-line Sanitary Filter doesn’t affect the flow rates or pressure drop when the magnetic separator is assembled.

In-line Sanitary Filter Features

  • Ideal for sterile filtration
  • Quick release
  • Reduced hold-up volume
  • Complete venting for proper filter wetting
  • Easy liquid drainage

Construction Materials

Nickel, Titanium, Tungsten,  Inconel grades, Incoloy grades, Hastelloy grades, Monel grades, Stainless steel 300 series, duplex stainless steels. The construction materials and procedures meet the industrial standards for sterile filtration applications.

In Line Sanitary Filter Applications

Automobile industry/ Electronic industry/food and beverage industry, petrochemical, chemical industry / pharmaceutics industry Environmental protection /printing, furniture industry, venting, sterile air-gas filtration, sanitary applications demanding high purity, unreactive surface sheets, outstanding pre-filters utilized upstream of membrane filters.

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