Reverse twill Dutch Wire Mesh manufacturer

Reverse Twill Dutch Wire Mesh

Key Features:

1. High tensile strength

2. Excellent product for aerospace and desalination applications

3. Available in standard and customized sizes

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Reverse Twill Dutch Weave Wire Mesh combines Dutch and Twill weave techniques to produce a fine filtration mesh. The weaving process includes using very fine wires to fabricate filtering mesh for liquid and gas applications. The flow rate is relatively low and is used for filter leaves and regular filtration belts. Aperture size varies from 55 microns to 500 microns.

Reverse Twill Dutch Wire Mesh Characteristics

1. Similar properties as of reverse plain dutch weave, but the mesh is not much thicker
2. High tolerance against breaking and rupturing
3. Supreme flow force but significantly less filtration accuracy

Our services include:
1: Broad range of metals and alloys available including special wire options

2: Additional wire cloth width about 1000mm for selected materials
3: Wire cloth is offered in the long rolls up to 100 meters long coils or rolls without seams
4: Further services include cleaning, slitting, shearing, stretching and annealing.

Our product maintains the highest quality standards and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. All of our wire mesh products can be supplied meeting ASTM standards. Many sizes of meshes are stocked for quick delivery.

Reverse Twill Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Standard Specifications:

48×10 mesh RDPW 400 nominal micron
72×15 mesh RDTW 250 nominal micron
132×16 mesh RDTW 200 nominal micron
152×30 mesh RDTW 115 nominal micron
250×40 mesh RDTW 75 nominal micron

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