Incoloy A-286 Mesh

Key Features:

  1. High strength and cracking resistance
  2. Good ductility and suitable for use in the prolong high temperature operations
  3. Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch
  4. Wire Dia: 0.03mm to 8.0mm
Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Incoloy A-286 Mesh provides high strength and good corrosion resistance at temperatures up to 700oC or 1290of. It has has better stress rupturing strength than many commercial metallic materials.

Incoloy A-286 Mesh Chemical Composition:

Ni Fe Cr Mo Ti
25.5 % 56.5 % 15 % 2.5 – 3.5 % 1.25 %

Incoloy A-286 Property Data:

Density 7.94 g/cm3 or 0.287 lb/inch3
Melting Point 1430oC or 2600oF
Coefficient of expansion 16.4 µm/m.oC or 9.1 x 10(-6) in/in.oF at 20oC to 100oC
Modulus of rigidity 71.5 kN per mm2 or 10370 ksi
Modulus of elasticity 205 kN per mm2 or 29773 ksi
Tensile strength (annealed) 600 to 750 N/mm2 or 87 to 109 ksi

Incoloy A-286 Mesh Applications:

Jet engine and aircraft components, automotive industry and manifold components, offshore, oil and gas processing plants.

Incoloy A-286 Mesh Available Types:

Woven Wire Mesh Expanded Metal Perforated Metal Further fabricated mesh products
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