Incoloy 800 Mesh

Key Features:

1. Extremely robust material with electric heat shielding properties

2. Prevents attack in severe oxidizing, carburizing, sulfiding and nitriding media

3. Mesh Size: 0.2mesh/inch to 300mesh/inch

4. Wire dia: 0.05mm to 8.0mm

Technical Data Mesh Specification Charts

Product Description:

Incoloy 800 Mesh (UNS N088011)  has good strength and outstanding resistance to oxidation and carburization up to 1100oF. It is resistant to aqueous corrosion. Incoloy 800 Mesh is utilized in flue gas scrubber and chemical plants for handling phosphoric acid and sulfuric acids. (Incoloy 800H mesh is recommended for higher temperatures in compare with Incoloy 800mesh).

Incoloy 800 Mesh Chemistry:

Al C Cr Cu Fe Mn Ni Si S Ti
0.15 – 0.60 % 0.10 % 19 to 23 % 0.75 % 39.5 % 1.5 % 30 to 35 % 1 % 1 % 0.015 %

Incoloy 800 Mesh Specification Range:

Opening Size: 0.05mm to 30mm

Wire dia: 0.05mm to 8.0mm

Sheet Width: up to 3000mm

Incoloy 800 Mesh Property Data:

Specifications ASTM B408
Density 0.288 lbs per cubic inch
Tensile Strength 110 Kpsi*
Elongation 30%*
Melting temperature 2500° F
Highest service Temperature 1900° F
Yield strength 275 Mpa or 39900 psi
213 Mop at 550oC or 30900 psi at 1020oF
Electrical resistivity 0.0000989 ohm-cm
Magnetic Permeability 1.014
Curie temperature -115oC or -175oF
Linear coefficient of thermal expansion 14.4 micro-m/m-oC at 20oC to 100oC
8 micro-inch/inch-oF at 68oF to 212oF
Specific heat capacity 0.460 J/goC or 0.110 BTU/lb-oF
Thermal conductivity 11.5 W/m-K or 79.8 BTU-in/hr-ft2-oF

Incoloy 800 mesh is widely used in applications where temperature rises up to 1100oF. For applications above 1100oF, Incoloy 800H/800HT is recommended to provide the necessary resistance to creep and cracking. High nickel percentage in Incoloy 800 provides adequate resistance to chloride induced stress corrosion cracking as well as it attains extremely firm austenite configuration. The content percentages of molybdenum and copper prevent the attack of reducing media. Chromium offers good resistance to oxidizing agents such as nitric acid, nitrates and oxidizing salts. Alloy 800 Mesh is recommended for use in apparatus that needs high strength and resistance to oxidation, carburization and other deleterious types of attack at the elevated temperatures.

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